County to talk bus shelters, potholes

  • Ryan Collins / The Garden Island

    A car prepares to run over the patched pothole on Hardy Street North of the State Building.

    Ryan Collins / The Garden Island

    A car prepares to run over the patched pothole on Hardy Street North of the State Building.

LIHUE — The County Council will host a public hearing on March 13 at 1:30 p.m. in the council chambers to amend the capital budget for the fiscal year July 1 through June 30. The purpose of the meeting is to revise the amounts estimated in the Development Fund by $84,000 for islandwide bus stops and shelter improvements.

The project is intended to collect funding through the requirements outlined in the applicable zoning use, and development permits, and is anticipated to receive $84,000 for the upgrades.

“On March 13, we are having a briefing where roads (department) are going to be coming in and looking where potholes are,” Councilwoman Felicia Cowden said. “To do deep repair takes a lot more money than we have. We’ll be doing them in patches in areas…Roads (department) will come in and show us their strategic plan. So they do both patches and then they go in and do serious repair.”

Deputy County Engineer Lyle Tabata said size is not the only factor on the timing of pothole repairs. Crews must evaluate all job duties within their district

“Which also includes roadside landscaping maintenance, and clearing county-owned ditches, storm drains, and other roadside impediments such as vegetation from outside the county right of way.”

The county prioritizes its work based on the severity of the conditions, availability of personnel and equipment, and location, Tabata said.

“The county has long reported its challenge with a backlog of road maintenance work,” Tabata said. “This is the main reason the previous administration requested that the council pass the GET surcharge last year to assist us with road repair projects and help to increase bus services to promote mass transportation, which can also help to alleviate traffic congestion.”

The county’s half percent increase in the state GET is projected to raise about $25 million annually for 10 years to fund public transportation improvements.

  1. I saw a Vampire once March 5, 2019 6:44 am Reply

    Yeah, I can see how that might be an issue. What’s the meetings for? Just to talk about roads. That makes for interesting topic. How many ways can anyone dissect the topic?

  2. kauaiboy March 5, 2019 9:03 am Reply

    OMG! “To do deep repair takes a lot more money than we have. We’ll be doing them in patches in areas…”

    If after collecting an exorbitant amount of money for property taxes from property owners in the Kilauea area, Kilauea-Lighthouse Road remains a travesty. 50 pothole patches have made this road dangerous and deleterious for your car’s wheel alignment. Avoiding potholes has become a roller derby.

    Find the money. Fix the road. Permanently. And then work quickly toward constructing a bypass road from Banana Joes to the Post Office, so Kilauea Town, which hosts one of the most popular tourist destinations on island, the Kilauea Lighthouse, can return to a semblance of traffic sanity.

  3. HogWash March 5, 2019 2:43 pm Reply

    Most of the GET money will be used to cover the over bloated county salaries.

    The county roads cannot be fixed because there’s too many incompetents. How many times have people drove by county work and see one or two working while three to five or more just watch and talk story?

    This is all big wash and the fraud, waste, and abuse is telling at the street in front of the county bldg in Lihue going towards rice st. That is a 10 million dollar waste like Rice st is a 10 million dollar waste. Why did the county allocate 20 million dollars in areas that don’t need road improvements and most of the road improvement they did was paint a bike path (what’s that 1 million dollar paint and 1 million dollar labor?) and plant trees in the middles of the road and under power lines. How fucktarded can you be?

    The county puppets play the citizens as fools. Most people believe whatever comes out their carcass. This is hog wash and a disservice as well as uneeded taxes otherwise known as the eBay triple tax. Property tax, vehicle registration tax, gas tax, GET tax, and so on is suppose to help these faux talking points while nothing is audited to prove what they are saying is actually what they are doing and using the funds for.

    It’s like the 3-4 county of Kauai audits that has proven fraud, waste, and abuse by county government. In fact, remember them pushing dirt back and forth and Kahili for a year or so. That was fraud like the Honolulu rail or what about the 5 years it took them to do 3 miles of Kaumualii hwy Lihue from the round bldg to puhi? Another fraud that the Feds shut down and brought in mainland engineers and laborers to save the project from county of Kauai and state of Hawaii theft of federal funding.

    Checks and balances in this hog wash and don’t just accept what the puppet masters propaganda to manipulate the mass with disinformation.

  4. Uncleaina March 6, 2019 12:03 pm Reply

    What up Derek? Can’t deliver on the modest promises to at LEAST fix the roads? This new council is hapless and helpless. You decide to raise the GET and then act like it’s not going to be enough money? The taxpayers of Kauai are now paying you guys an extra $2,000,000 PER MONTH – and yet all we get is minor pothole repairs? Evslin? Where are you at? I thought you guys were supposedly smarter than the previous council but so far you seem MUCH WORSE! You promised results so let’s see them.

  5. Rev Dr. Malama March 8, 2019 1:46 pm Reply

    Enough waha already….
    I am old, poor, disabled and homeless because all you insurgents of the usa do is plunder and pillage every single day. I can no longer afford a car so I stand in the rain because of no bus shelter but the bus decided to not come this time so another hour trying to stay out of the cold and wet weather and avoid getting sick. The bus shelters that do exist are a joke, the rain blows right in and instead of expanded schedules, the bus now comes less frequently and makes less stops.

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