Gun threat suspects named

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    Travis Shimomura

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    Kylie Lanning

LIHUE — Two men who were arrested Tuesday after allegedly threatening people with a gun at a Kapaa school have been identified as Travis Shimomura, 34, of Kapaa, and Kylie Lanning, 23, of Anahola, according to a Kauai Police Department press release Wednesday.

Shimomura allegedly approached a vehicle occupied by a 26-year-old Kapaa woman and her 51-year-old male passenger outside St. Catherine School and threatened both people with a gun before driving off with Lanning in a white Toyota Tacoma down Kawaihau Road, police said.

Police were called to respond shortly before 2 p.m. and initiated a search for the suspects with assistance from a scent-tracking canine, King, and Air 1, a helicopter used by Kauai County agencies for search-and-rescue operations.

The men were spotted near Lihi Park, then were pursued by police up Olohena Road before abandoning their vehicle at Waipouli Road, police said. A nearby resident said the Toyota truck Shimomura was driving broke down when it hit a pothole in the street.

According to witness reports compiled by KPD officers, Shimomura was seen running through a property on Waipouli Road, then into a nearby pasture. Upon entering the property, police said they found a pistol on the ground in a bag with drug paraphernalia.

KPD officers continued their pursuit on foot, and with the assistance of King they were able to quickly track and locate both men, eventually placing them under arrest without incident.

Shimomura and Lanning were both arrested on suspicion of the following charges: terroristic threatening in the first degree, keeping pistols or revolvers in places illegal to have such guns, carrying and use of a firearm in the commission of a separate felony, and resisting an order to stop a motor vehicle in the first degree. Shimomura was also arrested for prohibited ownership or posession of a firearm.

Shimomura was placed in police cellblock with bail set at $135,000. He was also arrested Tuesday on a separate bench warrant for violating terms and conditions of his parole, with no option of bail, and has since been transferred to Kauai Community Correctional Center while he awaits his court date.

Lanning remains in police cellblock with bail set at $125,000. He was also arrested Tuesday on a separate, $5,000 bench warrant for violating his conditions of bail.

St. Catherine School officials placed the school under a lockdown Tuesday until the suspects were apprehended.

The police investigation is ongoing.


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  1. LMat February 21, 2019 8:20 am Reply

    Good boy King!!!

  2. rk669 February 21, 2019 8:51 am Reply

    Another Slap on the Wrist,from a Liberal Judge?

  3. No get nuts February 21, 2019 11:45 am Reply

    See when you no like go sleep??
    The voices in you head are NOT your friends.
    Yes I speak from experience.

  4. Rascally Pothole February 21, 2019 2:57 pm Reply

    “A nearby resident said the Toyota truck Shimomura was driving broke down when it hit a pothole in the street.”
    HAHAHA! Kauai as why!!!!

  5. Chronics February 21, 2019 6:40 pm Reply

    Looks like two typical chronics from hell on earth on Kauai Ana Ho la. Meth and heroin will make you do some cray cray.

    These boys are connected to criminal family members. It’s in their blood and DNA that cannot be denied especially the Lanning boy.

    Kauai say no to drugs and build that wall to keep out Mexico’s toxic candy. Kauai and the state of Hawaii has a corrupt judicial system that brings in the drugs for pure greedy profits.

    This is the truth that no one wants to admit but now sees it first hand with the fraud, waste, and a abuse of power from the Kealoha’s and their criminal organization.

    Yes the Kealoha’s ran a criminal organization that has plagued the Hawaiian Islands for decades. It’s started with the Company that carried on to the syndicates.

    No one wants to talk about it but we must revisit facts and how they are connected to all HAWAIIAN islands. This would be a great story that will help inform the public and entice readers to tune into TGI and Honolulu advertiser for months or years if they publish a weekly column on the history and current corruption in the state of Hawaii and all islands. The Charles Marshland story that ran through the 1970’s and 1980’s was one of the greatest accomplishments in the state of Hawaii that was reported on a regular basis in the newspaper.

    Do you really believe that people aren’t murdered/suicided? Read about the Lauren Kagawa and many others on Kauai’s unsolved murders and the state of Hawaii.

    Do you believe that some police officers and state officials aren’t involved in criminal organizations or rackets? Read about DLNR and officers involved in criminal activities on all islands.

    Do you believe in police associating with criminals in secret societies (cultural religious practices group that hides wide open)? Interesting read.

    Do you believe in county conspiracies to defraud the federal and state government dollars? Several cases are ongoing and should shine the light on public corruption. I don’t know how the county of Kauai has 3-4 audits exposing several county employees with multiple criminal criminal infractions through theft of county monies with false leave, sick leave, and unauthorized use of Pcard. The Honolulu rail project and many highway projects on the island have been exposed for fraud, waste, and abuse through white collar crimes. The pain doctors who profited while people and island communities suffered from prescription addiction that has turned to meth, heroin, and now fentanyl addictions, crime, murderers, and suicides.

    All of this and then some would be great reads and capture the attention of the entire island and state. It would expose a much needed historical lesson on how to identify and connect those who are involved in criminal activities and why counties and state officials blatantly turn the other cheek and ignore the criminal activities.

    I would challenge TGI and Honolulu advertiser to open this up like they did back when Charles Marshland Jr. historically and courageously went after Hawaii’s multinational criminal organization.

    I myself have been fighting against this multinational criminal organization for over 11 years. There’s a bounty on my life by those who have sworn to protect and serve. I have weathered the storm and continue to expose the corruption on Kauai and the state of Hawaii. Even the former Mafia boss that died was called upon to take me out.

    This would be a great series that is much needed on Kauai and the state of Hawaii.

    TGI I challenge you to invoke the greater good and educate the public about the darker side of the Hawaiian islands to better serve the public and improve the checks and balances in the abuse of power.

    We are witnesses to one of the most intriguing and disturbing public corruption case this state and nation has ever seen with the Kealoha’s but there’s certainly more involved and there’s stories like there’s on every island in the state of Hawaii.

    TGI will the challenge be accepted to expose and educate? Who will have the courage to accept this great responsibility? I have accepted this challenge over a decade ago and many arrests on Kauai and the state of Hawaii and public corruption has been exposed over the last decade.

  6. dderek February 21, 2019 8:21 pm Reply

    bet they’re mainland transplant tourists that flew on southwest airlines!!!

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