‘It’s really too much’

  • Ryan Collins/The Garden Island

    Protesters with the Kauai Women’s Caucus wave at passing cars Monday in front of the Kapaa library. From left: Philip Morgan, Judith White, Alan Daniel, Anne Rogers De Anda, Janet Nelson and Kathy Kenan hold a sign.

  • Ryan Collins/The Garden Island

    Protesters with the Kauai Women’s Caucus wave at passing cars Monday in front of the Kapaa library. The protest was done to denounce President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency along the Mexico and United States Border.

KAPAA — Protesters took to the streets across the nation, including in Kapaa, to denounce President Donald Trump’s intentions to build a wall between Mexico and the United States after he declared security along the 1,954-mile border a national emergency last week.

The protest in front of the Kapaa library was organized by the Kauai Women’s Caucus. Roughly 35 people showed up, holding signs that ranged from, “Lock him up,” to “Build a wall around Trump.”

“It’s too much, it’s really too much,” Laurel Brier said, who helped co-organize the protest. “He’s out of control, he’s unhinged and it’s such a disservice to people, to our nation really. It’s really a step. If he can declare a national emergency for this, what’s next? I mean anything, he can do anything.”

The Kauai Women’s Caucus formed in 2017 and is bipartisan. They stand for economic, political, social and environmental injustices, according to Brier.

“I got a text from Democracy for America talking about the day of protest around the country,” co-organizer Elif Beal said of the protest on Presidents Day. “I think that the point was to do it as soon as possible after the announcement for the wall. I think a president should stand for the highest ideals and values of a country. I think that this act is a clear abuse of presidential power. It’s quite fitting to use the platform of Presidents Day to hold up the ideal that we want in our president and the standards that we want for our country.”

Robert Reitzner watched the protest over the handlebars of his bicycle.

“I come because Trump is getting more and more like a dictator and if people don’t stand up to him, eventually we could be in real big trouble,” he said. “Him trying to take over the democratic processes the way he is, it could just lead to more of the same until we don’t have a democracy left.”

Nationally organized by the group MoveOn and others, the Presidents Day demonstrations condemned Trump’s declaration as an undemocratic, anti-immigrant and nonexistent emergency.

  1. sally White February 19, 2019 4:57 am Reply

    Trump is not a dictator, he’s the best things we have ever had. You are clear in Hawaii and are protesting the wall? How many illegals do you have wandering your streets? Why should they be here and expect things free? We worked hard for our money and homes and work at our jobs to earn money. They want the government to give them everything free. If they want to come into our states then they should do it legally. We would have to do it legally to go anywhere else. THey want free medical and houseing. What makes them so special? BUILD the wall and keep the illegals OUT.

    1. Pete Antonson February 19, 2019 2:11 pm Reply

      Due to Federal Law signed by President Clinton in 1996, undocumented immigrants are not eligible for welfare, HUD housing help, food stamps, ACA health coverage, Medicare, Medicaid and SS benefits, etc.
      Documented immigrants are not eligible for welfare, HUD housing help, food stamps, ACA health coverage, Medicare, Medicaid, SS benefits, etc., until they have established 5 years of residency.
      It’s time, Sally, to begin questioning the information you receive or, to add a “y” to your last name too!

  2. George February 19, 2019 5:02 am Reply

    Okay! I can imagine that gordo will be gnashing his tooth as they criticize his hero. You know. The usual claims of living in a sea of idiocy yada yada yada. How do you tolerate it gordo? We will wait in anticipation of what heights you will aspire too in your latest display of keyboard courage

    1. Pete Antonson February 19, 2019 2:14 pm Reply

      “yada yada yada” implies some level of urban, or urbane, sophistication. Gordo is more of a “blah blah blah” type

  3. Lee Shea February 19, 2019 6:44 am Reply

    Trump won, the majority of Americans want to build the wall. Thank you President Trump for wanting to keep our country safe. Remember 9/11 anybody?

    1. Pete Antonson February 19, 2019 2:35 pm Reply

      Latest Hill-HarrisX survey:
      Thirty-four percent said a border wall was “the best path for making America safer at its borders,” while 31 percent said it was “totally unnecessary and not worth the expense.”
      Thirty-five percent of respondents said they believed that Americans need border security, but there are “better options” than a wall for securing the border.
      Wrong again to nobody’s surprise!

  4. Bluedream February 19, 2019 8:10 am Reply

    Who are truly the unhinged ones in this scenario lol?

    I wasn’t particularly crazy for The Donald during the run up to the 2016 election, and didn’t vote, but if I knew then how much he would trigger entitled white upper class liberals into endless fits of rage and hysteria, I would have definitely volunteered for his campaign.

    I truly enjoy watching Trump troll the entire media and their worshipping lemmings into convulsions of anger and fits of rage.

    The best part? These bitter white idiots actually believe the Donald will be impeached for having the audacity to get more votes in long neglected rust belt states, where he tiressly campaigned, and Clinton never showed up.

    I say build that wall. Only because it will keep exposing how unhinged and hateful the public radio worshipping white transplants here really are.

    Trump will be re-elected because so many people like me who didn’t vote for him, will definitely vote for him in 2020 because he is incredibly hilarious.

    1. Pete Antonson February 19, 2019 2:20 pm Reply

      You really believe that racist resentment of the more accomplished is going to be admired, copied and turned into a movement? You are no longer firmly tethered to the planet, dude!

  5. Ginger Doll February 19, 2019 8:38 am Reply

    No matter what your opinion on the need for a wall between the US and Mexico, it was good to see people standing up in support of the US Constitution separation of powers.
    George Washington declined the honor of accepting the crown as King of America. Instead, he supported a Constitution that mandated three equal branches of government.
    The President has no authority to dictate decisions like this without approval from Congress.

  6. pointfisha February 19, 2019 8:58 am Reply

    SO ironic that people will protest a border wall in one breath and in the next demand limits on island visitors and transplants.

    1. some guy February 19, 2019 4:46 pm Reply

      these are transplants that are protesting

  7. Charlie Chimknee February 19, 2019 9:19 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou,

    Let’s count up all the truly wasted $$$ the Fed, State, and County governments waste each year or spend on phony cronyism, making this Wall’s cost not much more than a child’s toy…so let the pompous brat have his silly legacy and let’s get on with the nation’s need of a Presidency. Besides 1/3 of the 1900 mile wall is already built.

    Besides too, pay the Mexicans to build the Wall and it will cost only 10%; with US supervision.

    Or is it time to eliminate the Presidential office of just 1 man out of 300,000,000 people, in charge of all of us. The last 4 have been shown to be less than what is expecteded of the office and what was needed of them. Obama gave $1.5 Billion in cash to the Iranians to not make nuclear bombs? Throwing Trust and Money to an enemy who has never shown us anything but belligerency.

    As well, The Mexicans can build the Wall for less than $1.5 billion, or 10% of the estimate, and and $1.5 Billion that is what Congress is offering the President for border Security anyway. Of course the President should move to the Wall himself when it is done, either side, and stand guard, call it the SOUTHERN Wall White House.

    Later we can do the NORTHERN one to keep out those pesky Canadians who keep causing Kapaa Traffic and filling those illegal Vacation Rentals, well along with the hard working Mexicans of course.

    And Bush’s (suspected phony) War on Iraq cost more than the Wall but included a lot of dead Americans and Iraqis and created Al Queda and ISIS both, making the wall free of US casualties. Say this Trump is doing pretty good so far…No Wars.

    From a citizen’s point of view, if we are to continue with an office of the President, then let’s lock up Mueller and his gang until this president is out of office and then if there is proof of wrongdoing then let the trial begin, otherwise stop wasting this business man President’s time and let him keep running the business of America. But gees after 2 years of “Trump did this and Trump did that” and nothing has come of it, then it is time to arrest Mueller, no bail please…! Mueller is either a moron, a liar, or a traitor to our country, he is stifling the potential of our nation, and this may include jeopardizing our safety. Trump and his people instead of looking out for our well being, nation safety and successful economy, is having to look out for, true or false (so far false), is being made by Mueller to look out for his own safety and economy.

    Look at the list of upcoming candidates for president, almost all are politicians, more same old same old, since Trump it is clear that a business man or woman is our better choice…let’s see who the Democrats can run who is a business person…instead of these give it all away for free types, cuz I’m not getting nothing for free so I must be paying for it instead…nuff already..let’s her it for the AMERICAN Worker.

    More Americans are getting paychecks now than ever, let Trump run the country like a business man, and if he needs this “toy” well let him have it.

    With The next president, if the illegal aliens and drugs don’t stop, well, Mr. New President “Tear that wall down…!”. Otherwise let it stand.

    If we truly want to stop the drugs from coming into our country there is only 1 immediate way that the drugs will stop.

    All drugs must be made legal and free, with free delivery. With no Demand, there is no need for Supply…goodbye drug cartels. No overcrowded prisons, no drug dealing, NO $$$ leaving our country, no theft and violence to get drugs…it’s a No-Brainer…! LEGAL, FREE, AND FREE DELIVERY. We have hundreds of illness causing drugs on the medical legal market, what’s a few more. Let the doctors dispense them, they already dispense the rest including the opiates. Get those “ice heads” on opiates, to slow them down so they stay home…free delivery.

    An endless free supply of drugs will wear out the addicts and their physical appearance will educate the young to “Just Say No…!” And turn to fitness and Health instead.

    When the druggies are sick, literally, of their FREE drugs they’ll want to work and Trump is already making the jobs waiting for them.

    “El Chapo” types will be a thing of the past, so could the Presidency, and at the same time rid our Nation of one more useless event: the Super Bowl of politics, the Presidential Election.

    And now that we have a plan to get rid of drugs and presidents forever, we can rid our nation of illegal aliens too with one fell swoop, give them a Social Security Card and Number immediately when they cross into the country so that they pay Taxes immediately with their first job.

    Trump has caused so many “Help Wanted” signs, that we need more aliens to fill those jobs…more jobs can lower the lists of welfare recipients.

    In an honest democracy, less welfare recipients would mean less taxes on us to pay for them and their welfare.

    “Get a job…!” In fact get 2, Trump has made so many…! ! !

    Yeah “BUILD THAT WALL…”, who cares…?


  8. roy February 19, 2019 10:13 am Reply

    You are not bipartisan, who are you fooling? Read the facts, on how many ILLEGAL aliens are crossing the border, how much drugs are crossing the border, how many women are raped and forced into sex trafficking, How many U.S Citizens were murdered by ILLEGAL aliens, ONE IS WAY TOO MUCH.

    1. Pete Antonson February 19, 2019 2:24 pm Reply

      You added that final shout because you know that “one” is closer to the total than anything in Don the Con’s lurid imagination!

  9. Joe Public February 19, 2019 11:03 am Reply

    Wonder how many of these 35 people have fences around their homes?

  10. Samantha February 19, 2019 1:55 pm Reply

    Any one see the 100 or so Trump supporting people right on the other side of the fence of these 35 biased peeps? Funny no mention for the people who see the good in Trump. I think this propaganda needs to stop and people need to get there heads out of everyone’s arse and smell the sweet blooming freedom of truth you find for your self!

  11. EVERYONE DOES IT February 19, 2019 2:18 pm Reply

    Build the wall… don’t like it? Move.

  12. Pete Antonson February 19, 2019 2:27 pm Reply

    Unlike the WALL FOR SIMPLETONS, their fences have a legit purpose and didn’t cost billions! So boo, hiss, and phew to you!

  13. okeedokee February 19, 2019 4:12 pm Reply

    All transplanted haoles pushing their personal views and issues onto others just trying to live on this beautiful island and spread positive vibes back thru the aina as our ancestors have done for generations. Kauai doesn’t need or want these kinds of people or any other fake haole transplanted created groups to protest and pollute with their negative personal views and their fake helping the people/island fronts.

  14. American citizen February 19, 2019 5:05 pm Reply

    BUILD THE WALL! and hurry up already. What kind of virtue signaling, blind eyed, Cnn watching NUT JOBS would stand on the road to protest protecting the Our country from a constant flow of criminals, drugs, illegal immigrants, terrorists, etc etc? You know who?????? someone with TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. These people are pathetic. Virtue signalers! I bet NONE of these protestors had to go through the immigration process LEGALLY like my wife and I did. Entitled scrubs these guys!!! ALL OF EM coming of the closet since 2016. TRUMP 2020 can’t wait to see them devastated once again.

  15. jake February 19, 2019 8:14 pm Reply

    If you have time to stand around holding signs that do nothing, solve nothing, and help no one, then you are going nowhere in life, and you’re trying to blame government and politicians for it. Get to work, get a life, and pursue happiness. There isn’t a government or a politician on the planet who can do that essential thing for you. No one rules, if no one obeys. Mind your own business, focus on your own stuff, and stop trying to inflict your petty agendas on everybody else.

  16. wake up folks February 19, 2019 11:37 pm Reply

    Regardless of anyones opinion try going to Acapulco now!!! Mexico is on the way to becoming a paramilitary state with militias running out the Templar and M13’s so whomever said the El Chapo days are over needs to take a trip south of the border.

  17. hutch February 19, 2019 11:52 pm Reply

    Shame on the GI for allowing the use of the “H word” by okeedokee above. It’s akin to calling an Asian an ‘oriental’. A racist slur used by an obvious racist. And, oh yeah, build the wall. The Donald is the best thing that’s happened for this country in decades.

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