Tyler Perry Studios, Hart Beat remaking films

A pair of South Korean films, “Miss Granny” and “Sunny,” are getting U.S. remakes. “Miss Granny,” released in 2014, has had several remakes in neighboring countries such as China, Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam. MGM and Tyler Perry Studios will be remaking “Miss Granny” for the U.S. market. The film is about a woman in her 70s suddenly becomes her youthful self in her 20s. “Sunny,” a South Korean box office hit released in 2011, will see a U.S. remake by Universal Studios and Hart Beat with a tentative title “Bye Bye Bye.”

Weekly Update

‘If We Were A Season’ (KBS Drama Special)

Episode 1 (Sun)

Today, 6:45 p.m.: Yun Hyerim and Eom Giseok grow up as next door neighbors. Over the years, Giseok develops one-sided feelings toward Hyerim. One day, a new student, Oh Donggyeong, transfers to their class. He’s bold and quick in expressing his feelings for Hyerim. Will Donggyeon’s confession shake up the relationship between Hyerim and Giseok?

‘Kang Deoksun’s Love History’ (KBS Drama Special)

Episode 1 (Sun)

Today, 7:45 p.m.: Set during the Japanese occupation of South Korea in the early 20th century. Kang Deoksun is a naive girl living in the country. She likes Seoksam, but it is completely in vain. Deoksun follows Seoksam to Kyungsung and there, she gets involved in the Korean independence movement.

‘Where Stars Land’

Episodes 29 &30 (Mon); 31 &32 (Tues) Final

Monday 7:45 p.m.: Soo Yeon refuses to live as a physically challenged individual because of Yeo Reum. He insists on wearing his wearables, even though it’s taking its toll on his body. On the other hand, the men who have been threatening In Woo, threaten Soo Yeon.

Tuesday, 7:45 p.m.: Soo Yeon is dragged away by Cho’s men. In Woo sets out to rescue Soo Yeon. Yeo Reum ponders whether or not to use the device to stop Soo Yeon’s wearable. Yeo Reum is heartbroken when Soo Yeon tells her, “To you, I am just someone passing by.” Will Soo Yeon return to Yeo Reum at the place where stars land?

‘The Last Empress’

Episodes 1 &2 (Wed); 3 &4 (Thur)

Wednesday, 7:45 p.m.: Set in present day South Korea, but under the premise that the country is governed by a constitutional monarchy. A small-time musical actress, Oh Sunny, becomes an empress when she marries Emperor Lee Hyuk. She thus starts to unfold the secrets and mysteries in the palace and its occupants, with her bright personality.

Thursday 7:45 p.m: Emperor Lee Hyuk makes a surprise visit to Sunny’s performance. He confesses to Sunny saying, “You’re always the heroine in my heart.” Who is to know what his ulterior motives are with this sweet confession?

‘Marriage Contract’

Episodes 9 (Fri); Episodes 10 (Sat)

Friday, 7:45 p.m: Sung-guk tells Ji-hoon to divorce Hye-soo after hearing that has Mi-ran disappeared. Ji-hoon asks Sung-guk to give him two days to decide. Na-yoon asks Sung-guk about Hye-soo and Ji-hoon’s relationship. Ji-hoon asks Hye-soo to do him one last favor.

Saturday, 7:45p.m.: Ji-hoon tries to get closer to Hye-soo, but she still pulls away. Hye-soo visits her doctor and is told that she only has a 30 percent chance of living for 5 more years. Sung-guk urges Ji-hoon to end his relationship with Hye-soo, but Ji-hoon refuses to give up on her.


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