Letters for Sunday, December 2, 2018

Mahalo, Satterfields and Kauai Springs

My family and myself would like to send a big mahalo to the Satterfield family and Kauai Springs for allowing us to drink arguably the best water on the planet for these past 13 years. Sadly, the Planning Commission voted against the recommendation of the hearings officer and denied their permits to bottle water and a cease-and-desist is forthcoming. A long saga, lost homes, lost dreams and 13 years of emotional stress have now come to a conclusive end.

I just hope this standard will apply to all existing and any new water companies on Kauai and in the state of Hawaii. May God go with your family as you attempt to reclaim your lives.

Peter Baldwin, Koloa

Top vote-getter not automatically council chair

Elections have consequences and the people spoke when they elected the new councilmembers, that they did not want to take a path of the progressive minority. This showed when they chose their new council chair. Some say the one who received the most votes should be the chair as in the past.

But remember back several years when the council had to choose who would replace the vacancy. The council then decided not to follow the past and selected Mason Chock. Several councilmembers at the time stated if we are to select the one who was the eighth place in the last election then that should be in the charter.

We also hear that they should select someone who will unite the seven councilmembers. Would those also say that the speaker of the U.S. House should also be a uniter? Not sure anyone would profess that Nancy Pelosi is a uniter and is ready to work across the political parties.

It is time for those on the County Council to understand that they are only going to be able to accomplish those things that have shared support with the majority.

To those who are upset, there is another election in two years and the people will again speak what they want for this island. Look to what we can accomplish and not what you won’t because you do not have enough support.

Bruce Newport, Kekaha

  1. kauaiboy December 2, 2018 9:10 am Reply

    Mr. Newport-

    What do you have against progressives and progressiveness? Would you prefer that Kauai is run by pseudo-Democrat Republicans?

    Arryl Kaneshiro will be forced to recuse himself from Council decisions which affect, or affected by, Grove farm. Then the racist and imbecilic Kagawa will lead the Council on any such topics. God forbid that Kaneshiro gets sick or dies or cannot, for any reason, continue on as chair.

    The voters poke overwhelmingly that Mason Chock was their most important choice. What makes you think that Mr. Chock could not lead as well, or better, than Mr. Kaneshiro?

    The correct arrangement would be Chock as Chair and Kaneshiro as Vice-Chair. Mason Chock would do more to unite the island than any other choice.

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