Letters for Sunday, November 11, 2018

Time to solve highway woes

The state recently repaired major portions of Olohena Road and Kamalu Road here in Kapaa. Due to the intense traffic on the Kuhio Highway going through Kapaa, to the locals, this has been an alternate “bypass road.”

Since the completion of the re-paving project, traffic has at least tripled with motorists trying to bypass the gridlock getting through Kapaa, and is not the “new” bypass road.

There are times that the residents here in the Homesteads cannot get out of our own driveways.

Perhaps someone with enough fortitude will propose a solution to this problem on the Kuhio Highway.

Lord knows we are inundated with tourists, both a good thing and a bad thing. There is a solution so let’s work together to find and implement it.

Paul Arrigo, Kapaa

Disabled transportation needed

First, let me say that Hawaii, and especially Kauai, is my favorite place on God’s green Earth. I’ve had the privilege of visiting your glorious islands twice, and had plans for a third trip for our 50th wedding anniversary.

Herein lies the problem. We had our plane tickets (not cheap because I’m severely disabled, and must fly first class). We also had our lodging arranged along with rental of a wheelchair-accessible handicap van. At that point all our plans fell through because all the car rental companies in the state decided they would no longer stock wheelchair-accessible vans for the disabled because of liability issues.

I would think that signing a waiver before renting the van would solve the problem. Just think of all the disabled people who are being denied access to your beautiful state by this decision, including disabled vets. You may not owe people like me anything, but you certainly owe them!

I think there are laws requiring companies to provide for the needs of the disabled. It would be a real blessing if car rental companies would return to obeying those laws!

Midge Swanson, Saginaw, Michigan

  1. Charlie Chimknee November 11, 2018 9:04 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou, Aloha Paul Arrigo,

    The traffic problem at least in Kapa’a can be quickly fixed with some measures put in place such as:

    1.) put traffic “monitors” or police cadets with big Green (GO) and also Red (RED) flags at each intersections from ABC Store in Kapa’a, Big Save, Safeway, Foodland, the Houselots entry, and Coco Palms, maybe even further if needed.

    2.) Set all traffic lights to Flashing Red.

    3.) each intersection’s traffic flag man or woman, would have a hand held (clip on) radio to communicate with and coordinate with other Traffic Monitors or Flag Person.

    4.) Flag persons would “briskly” wave thru 100 cars at a time, and at the same time, and through all intersections at the same time…and then stop the CARAVAN OF CARS, and let cars and pedestrians out of shopping centers or cross through the intersections for a few minutes or time needed, with radio contact. Then flaggers repeat same same until congestion time is Pau.

    5.) Everyone is happy, Traffic is moving briskly with short few minute stops.

    6.) for safety the flaggers could be on the sidewalks but their BIG FLAGS would be still highly visible. Residents would soon understand the system and visitors would pick up on it right away.

    7.) Those turning at or going through intersections or turning into shopping centers could be encouraged to not delay on turn ins, again moved briskly by the Flaggers.

    8.) Should flaggers get fatigue they can be replaced at timely intervals.

    9.) Flaggers should wear big red colored hats with the wide brims for sun protection and easy noticeability.

    10.) Replace all this with Traffic Light under manual or automatic control by former Flaggers who have the system down already.

    11.) Other readers are encouraged add to or improve this Traffic Plan.

    12.) Can Bernard and Derek and Ron, and Jimmie, and Dee, and Nadine, and David implement this…TOMORROW…? These are the people we elected and this is why we elected them…if they need help we still have Mel and his gang and more stepping up soon, but why wait.

    Time is of the essence, that sewer fiasco was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

    Our outgoing and incoming leadership should step up to the…INTERSECTION…! ! !

    Mahalo from us all.

  2. numilalocal November 11, 2018 10:08 am Reply

    Paul Arrigo, aren’t Olohena and Kamalu Roads County roads, not State roadways?

  3. commonsense November 12, 2018 1:00 pm Reply

    Olohena, Kamalu and Kuamo’o are all state roads because they are numbered. County roads are not numbered.

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