Letters for Friday, November 2, 2018

People must be free to practice their faith

The Interfaith Roundtable of Kauai renounces the recent violence against our Jewish sisters and brothers attacked in Pittsburgh. We hope people can freely practice their religion without fear of violent reprisals, or any type of repression. The Interfaith Roundtable advocates diversity and understanding, so we may create a community of compassion.

Our next monthly gathering will begin with a special prayer for the families and victims of the recent tragedy. We meet at noon on the last Friday of the month at the Center for Spiritual Living and all are welcome.

Members of the Jewish Community of Kauai and friends will come together Sunday at 5 p.m. at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Lihue to commemorate the 11 lives gunned down at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. It will be an informal gathering to express our unity with the community of Pittsburgh and with the families of those slain. All are welcome.

Please join us and, if you like, share your thoughts and support. After we gather and sing and pray, we will hold our candles high in hope and love.

Dr. Hari Khalsa, Chairperson, Interfaith Roundtable of Kauai

Get to know Ron Curtis, then vote for him

Whenever I tell people that I’m trying to help this guy, Ron Curtis, get elected, they invariably go, “Who?” No one has ever heard of him.

It’s not surprising, in some respects. The guy has never run for office before. He is running his campaign on a shoestring. You haven’t seen any expensive “Vote for Ron” TV spots. He hasn’t mailed out glossy brochures to every mailbox in Hawaii. Maybe you have seen banners on the side of the road saying “Ron Curtis for U.S. Senate,” but I haven’t. It’s no wonder no one knows who he is.

On the other hand, it is extremely surprising that everybody doesn’t know who he is, since he is the only viable candidate running against Mazie Hirono.

Are Hawaii’s media outlets so entangled with Hawaii’s corrupt political machine that they suppress publicity of one candidate in order to favor another?

There has been no public debate between Hirono and Curtis, giving voters an opportunity to judge for themselves who might best fill Hawaii’s seat in the United States Senate.

Moreover, while local pollsters are happy to publish their findings for major races in the state, you will not find a single poll regarding this important senatorial contest.

So yes, it appears that Hawaii has its own little “deep state” that involves cooperation between the established political bureaucracy and local media.

For the time being, Curtis relies on his website, which is comprehensive overview of his world view, his goals, his philosophy.

Six years is a long time to commit a person to such an important post as United States senator. People of Hawaii have demonstrated, in the past, that they make wise choices between candidates, even if it means crossing party lines. Though, how can they make a wise choice when they don’t know what the choices are?

Richard Morse, Kilauea

  1. ruthann jones November 2, 2018 4:50 am Reply

    why would anyone choose to vote for anyone BUT Hirono?

  2. commonsense November 2, 2018 4:22 pm Reply

    Ms. Jones. Why wouldn’t they? That’s the beauty of being able to make an educated choice when voting.

  3. John Zwiebel November 2, 2018 4:45 pm Reply

    Well, Ron Curtis does have a very nice web site. It has a lot of words on it including how it was Ronald Reagan that converted him to Republicanism. I remember Reagan’s election, it was the last time I went to Church.

    Reagan’s election was manipulated by William B. Casey when the Republican Party committed treason by negotiating with the government of Iran to keep the American Hostages until after the 1980 election. Bani-Sadr was President of Iran during that time and has repeatedly confirmed this.

    Do you know why Regan invaded Grenada? Because his selection of incompetent military brass resulted in 241 American Troops being killed by a terrorist bomb in Beirut on 23 Oct 1983. Grenada was invaded on 25 Oct. I had a good friend (A golden knight who died in a parachute accident) who went on that “invasion”, he called it a joke. But America’s news media can’t pay attention to anything and so we all collectively forgot.

    Regan was famous for his unflappability and his catch phrase “There you go again,” but Regan was the beginning of the end for America’s middle class. Regan set the stage for the election of Bill Clinton who ran on exactly the same platform that GHWB ran on, but was a lot more likable. (Funny to think of Bill Clinton as likable isn’t it.)

    Clinton continued the predatory practices of the American Oligarchy. As American Politicians have done for decades, peripheral issues that affect only a few people are promoted to distract the voter so he does not see his pocket is being picked by American Capitalism that Mr. Curtis extolls.

    In the ’20s there was a popular song “Ain’t we got fun” that had the line, “There’s nothing surer, the rich get rich and the poor get poorer” (although some versions of the song substituted “children” for “poorer”) I recall the Little Rascals singing it on my families B&W TV.

    US Army Major Danny Sjursen relates what the “Gilded Age” was like and compares it to the America we know today. If we lived in Wisconsin, now would be the time for “Fighting Bob La Folette” to step up and protect the “rest of us” from the greed of the American Oligarchy. In Hawaii our political leadership betrays the voter.


    The life-span of the Average American is -declining-! This only happens when the population is under extreme duress. The stock market represents less than 10% of the population. They are getting rich because they are fleecing you.

    Mr. Curtis’ web site enumerates his ideology which sounds high-minded but is precisely the opposite of what the Republican party actually practices. (No, this is not a defense of Democrats.)

    — Quote —
    o I oppose excessive influence by elites and special interests over our government.

    o I oppose corruption and exploitation and seek to eliminate it wherever I can, both in government and the free market.

    o I promote virtue and strong moral foundations in our government.

    o I prioritize our government to serve the people ahead of special interests, lobbyists, party, and self interests.

    — Unquote–

    In the end, if you feel you have to vote for someone to fill Hawaii’s Senate seat, sure go ahead and vote for Curtis. His web site boldly states he is going to take away your healthcare insurance, a top priority of Mitch McConnell who after giving the American Oligarchy an enormous tax cut has now focused on doing away with “entitlements”. “Entitlements” is Republican code for Social Security and Medicare. If you want to be destitute in your old age, vote Republican.

    Still, stack Curtis up against Mazie Hirono and the verdict is “6 of 1 — 1/2 dozen of the other.”

    I will not vote for a corporatist, I left my ballot for US senator blank.

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