Letters for Monday, September 10, 2018

Suicide prevention efforts are misguided

I said it before. I was ridiculed but I will say it again.

All the effort toward suicide prevention is misguided. I challenge anyone who has volunteered to march, hold signs or work to use those hours to do something more productive. Volunteer for a youth group organization or adult support organization. There are so many out there. These nonprofits struggle to make ends meet. Bodies mean more than money. Choose your time wisely.

Suicide prevention is a big deal. It is too prevalent. Do not waste recourses talking about what to do. Free T-shirts. Free food and live music. What a waste of resources. Those monies should be going to the organizations that are working, are doing things, not celebrating what we should be doing.

Shame on you that show up.

One man’s humble opinion.

Orlando S. Anaya, Kapaa

Love is higher vibration than fear

This is in response to the Kathryn Lopez column on “Lamentations and lessons learned” (TGI, Sept. 4).

It is time to question the dogma distorting Jesus’ message called Catholicism and Christianity in general. To know how the 5,000 years of patriarchy began can help us understand today’s events, our programming and our focus for correction.

We are in an ascension process to the fifth dimension, a state of being where we are much more aware of the power of intention, thought and frequencies of feelings. Love is a much higher vibration than fear. “Teach only love for that is what you are” is the core of their message. SanandaMagdalene, divine femine and divine masculine, are channeling to returnee disciples and Magdalenes mainly on Kauai — some who remember being with Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, who were married equal co-teachers then and only becoming known now.

A psychic from Kauai told me I was a priestess in the Temple of Isis in Atlantis. The priests were jealous of the priestesses who were more gifted in healing, which came from the heart intuition rather than mind knowledge. The ego or voice of fear dominates the mind and produces power and control.

When Atlantis fell, six of those priests determined to reincarnate and prove that the mind is superior to the heart. One of the popes on his deathbed said they invented hell to control the people.

Males also revised the Bible — 3,000 changes, according to Karel van Huffelen, who died in a mysterious accident in 2014, after his book “The Beloved One” came out in 2012. He was warned not to publish his findings.

Some popes have changed their mind. Logic and reason has not stopped the wars. Jesus says in “The Way of the Heart” channeled book by Jon Marc Hammer, “Let the heart be the master; the mind, a useful servant.” Jesus has also said, “Take me off the cross; let me be human.”

“A Course in Miracles, ACIM,” and “A Course of Love, ACOL,” are two volumes containing his words, published in 1993 and 2012, are better sources of his message. He also said in the Bible, “I am that, I AM.” A Hindu teacher said that “I Am” is the best name for God. Let the I Am Presence in your heart be your identity.

Petra Sundheim, Lihue

  1. gordon oswald September 10, 2018 4:43 am Reply

    Well Petra the “Priestess” in a former life? Right. A wise old “Psychic” once said “Psychic is big joke, take you away from reality, make you stupid, soon become homeless Psychic”. Good luck with your Societal dream journey into your “Matriarchy” la la land. How does that old saying go ” be careful what you wish for, because it just might come true”!

  2. Craig Callaway September 10, 2018 5:58 am Reply

    As long as the beer is cold in the fifth dimension, bring it on!

  3. rk669 September 10, 2018 6:00 am Reply

    Proverbs 14:15, The Simple Believe Anything,But the Prudent give Thought to their Steps! Research Much! Homework?

  4. manawai September 10, 2018 7:03 am Reply

    We definitely have some very “interesting” people living on Kauai. Kind-hearted, but definitely coo coo.

  5. Charlie Chimknee September 10, 2018 12:42 pm Reply

    Aloha Kakou, and Orlando,

    Well said, the same applies to all these Medical Marches. $$$ wasted on props, research to nowhere as there are no cures for disease processes done with chemical drugs and/or surgery.

    Drugs and surgery do not favorably impact processes of disease.

    Although you can cure beef jerky, ham, and resin.

    Health is 100% of our cells functioning 100%, 100% of the time. Disease is processes gone wrong.

    Health require education…bring on the teachers. The word Physician means teacher.

    The physicians are too busy selling drugs and surgery.

    So who is gonna teach us about Health and the cause and prevention of disease?

    Letters to the Editor…we’re doomed to early death and disease. Maybe things would be different if society paid more for Health than it does for Disease.

    Even suicide is a mind that has lost its Health.

    Stop the marching, unless it is a band of musicians, bring on the education with Natural Health Physicians.



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