Raiders, Warriors claim openers

  • Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

    Island School air riflery coach Sean Magoun briefs the line of marksmen on range safety prior to starting the Kauai Interscholastic Federation air riflery match Wednesday at the Island School range in Puhi.

  • Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

    Kapaa’s Eli Saflor leads the line of marksmen as he readies his weapon for firing in the prone position Wednesday during the Kauai Interscholastic Federation air riflery match at the Island School range in Puhi.

  • Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

    A Warrior fan gets a photo of Kapaa air riflery athletes Wednesday before transport to the Island School range for the Kauai Interscholastic Federation air riflery match.

LIHUE — Kauai High School and Kapaa High School air riflery teams hobbled to the top of the Kauai Interscholastic Federation season-opening matches contested at the Island School range and at the Bernice Hundley Gym Wednesday afternoon.

The final matches were wrangled following concerns about the iffy weather conditions, scheduling conflicts and mechanical work as four KIF member schools finally took to the mats.

“We’re pretty good this year,” said Sean Magoun, Island School coach. “There are more than 20 kids coming to practice, and we have a good turnout of girls. We have enough that we might be able to field a girls’ team.”

After finally settling on firing at the Voyagers’ range, the Kapaa Warriors controlled the outcome when the Kapaa boys’ team, comprised of five qualifying marksmen, were a mere 32 points better than the Island School shooters, 1,054 to 1,022 points.

The Kapaa girls finished with 1,234 points, the best scores of all participating teams, to Island School’s 964 points.

Kauai High School traveled to the Clem Gomes Gym, the first time that facility has been used for KIF air riflery competition, and settled down for business. The Red Raider men took a 1,262-1,065 win over the Menehune, the top two Raiders posting the highest scores of all four teams.

Competition was keen on the girls’ range, but Kauai High School finished 35 points better than Waimea, 1,166-1,131 points behind the high-point showing from Jenna Takata, who ended the day with 248 points, 91 posted in the prone position, 74 in standing and 83 in the kneeling position.

Kapaa’s Haley Gokan (88-80-88-256) and Kiara Dolino (94-79-78-251) set the bar for the wahine marksmen with the top two scores over the four girls teams and leading the Warrior team to a 1,234-point total, the highest girls’ score.

Larissa Kobayashi, stepping into the shoes of her brother Braden, who graduated in May, topped the Waimea wahine on 238 (90-74-74) points.

Bonnie Lee topped the Voyager women at 230 (90-60-80) points.

William Andres (94-88-82-264) and Brandon Marcos (93-83-86-262) set the bar for the boys and led the Red Raiders.

Kapaa came in strong with Michael Rosa posting a 254 (90-82-82). Bergan Ceballos topped the Waimea men at 249 (88-71-90) points, and Kaikea Kaui led the Voyagers on 254 (90-82-82) points.

Kapaa next hosts Kauai High School, and Waimea comes over to the Island School range Wednesday. The Kapaa High School matches start at 4:30 p.m. while the Island School firing starts at 3 p.m.


Kapaa boys (prone-standing-kneeling-total): Michael Rosa (90-82-82-254), Michael John Anderson (90-61-79-230), Ryan Laborte (84-70-59-213), Songkrit Janphet (91-36-53-180), Nicholas Uribe (78-41-58-177), Keio Wakuta (78-36-55-169), Eli Saflor (70-26-36-132), Isaac Gorospe (62-29-6-97).

Island School boys: Kaikea Kaui (93-65-71-229), Bryant Wu (94-45-73-212), Kaohu Ranis (87-47-72-206), Tiago Morgado (76-51-71-198), Joshua Dobashi (74-45-58-177), Braden Viohl (68-32-60-160), Cody Manibog (86-30-34-150), Kainoa Merano (45-49-23-117).

Kapaa girls: Haley Gokan (88-80-88-256), Kiara Dolino (94-79-78-251), Alicia Hayakawa (92-82-74-248), Analani Bacon (85-83-78-246), Loren Weiner (92-67-74-233), Kaylee Medeiros (33-7-32-72), Pealani Hurley (27-27-9-63), Erin Wells (36-17-0-53).

Island girls: Bonnie Lee (90-60-80-230), Quinn Catlin (83-57-84-224), Paulina Do (86-36-58-180), Dominica De Trolio (69-54-44-167), Taylor Raco (73-40-50-163), Emma Harris (79-27-53-159), Maiya Oshima (74-20-39-133).

Kauai boys: Brandon Marcos (93-83-86-262), William Andres (94-88-82-264), Jacob Alvarez (94-72-86-252), Kalen Konishi (92-61-90-243), Michael Patricio (93-73-75-241), Keanu Medeiros (81-48-43-172), Bryce Fernandez (92-54-81-227), Kaimana Texeira (92-65-82-239).

Waimea boys: Kaya Labanon (69-25-61-155), Keinan Kamakele (88-58-77-223), Kylan Takakusagi (73-35-47-155), Bergen Ceballos (88-71-90-249), Wyatt Hartsell (58-7-44-109), Luke Dela Pena (73-46-44-163), David Richards (79-36-80-195), Shannon Caoagdan (79-73-83-235).

Kauai girls: Kelli Okayama (95-66-81-242), Noelle Oyama (85-60-67-212), Jenna Takata (91-74-83-248), Glycelle Morden (87-68-70-225), Kierstyn Bukoski (91-70-71-232), Joenicia Camelo (77-43-50-170), Keiley Albarado-Planas (72-49-63-184), Kylee Viernes-Toyama (78-72-69-219).

Waimea girls: Kaela Tsuchiya (77-85-69-231), Dawn Serapio (81-74-71-226), Keycee Saniatan (83-51-63-197), Jenna Antolin (86-45-75-206), Jemaica Tumbaga (62-44-31-137), Norie Mae Ramerez (92-61-77-230), Leslie Uri (87-36-80-203), Larrisa Kobayashi (90-74-74-238).


Dennis Fujimoto, staff writer and photographer, can be reached at 245-0453 or


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