Letter for Monday, September 3, 2018

We need to practice nonviolence

I write to offer another point of view to the letter written by Gregg Townsley, “Pope pointing people the wrong way” (TGI, Aug. 18).

It is clearly stated in the Bible that one of the 10 commandments which God gave to Moses is “Thou shalt not kill.” Why do humans continue to think it is all right to do otherwise?

Jesus came to remind us of the two great commandments:

1. Love God with your whole heart and soul and mind.

2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Jesus modeled consummate intelligence by “turning the other cheek,” not resorting to violence. He disputes “an eye for an eye” in Matthew 5:38-42.

Pope Francis recently stated that the Catholic Church would consider inadmissible any support for the death penalty. He said executions were unacceptable in all cases because no matter who the person is or what the person has done every person has “human dignity.” He said the church would work unceasingly to abolish capital punishment worldwide. That is not to say the crime goes unpunished. There is always justice, but even that system is far from perfect.

While more than 103 countries have abolished capital punishment, and 30 countries are abolitionist in practice, the U.S. is one of more than 50 countries which still maintain the practice, including China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Somalia, etc. Instead of the U.S. leading, it is way behind.

For humanity to continue to evolve, we must release violence and do everything possible to practice nonviolence. Is it easy? No. Is it doable? Yes.

Terri Donovan Mansfield, Kapaa

  1. rk669 September 3, 2018 7:24 am Reply

    Death Penalty’s? We’ve come a long way from Hanging Horse Thieves and cattle rustlers on the Spot! Aren’t death Penalty’s Given in Cases of Murdering another Human Being? Unlike Russia,China or Cuba!

  2. Charlie chimknee September 3, 2018 7:48 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou, and Terri Donovan Mansfield,

    While there seems to be no let up in the world’s use of violence, whether 1 on 1, or nation to nation; and more and more so with WMD’s, (weapons of mass destruction) like automatic rifles and smaller guns, up to home made bombs, and intercontinental missiles; but what is creeping up on us, more and more so, and impacting more and more so on non combatants, and those not caught up in singular violence, is the creeping, multiplying, accumulation of victims of modern violence; which does not discriminate against age or any of the other no no’s.

    And that new violence is the upswing in petrochemicals in the environment. Our foods are swamped, slathered, inundated, and overloaded with petrochemicals. Even vitamins In our foods are made from oil, known as petrochemicals. Petrochemicals are known Causes of Cancer.

    Monsanto which makes Glyphosate, a very successful petrochemical that kills weeds, is facing thousands of human cancer lawsuits. It is widely used in the Kaua’i seed industry.

    The accumulation of an enormous amount of petrochemicals in our foods (Read The Food Labels), and thus our bodies, over a few decades of life (people average only 5 to 10 decades of life) correlates with the increase of petrochemicals in the foods and environment, to the increase of cancers and other disease disorders and death to the population.

    And what do people do when they get sick; they go to the doctor or pharmacy (petrochemicals) and are given more Cancer causing petrochemicals; and come down with a whole host of other symptoms, diseases, and disorders so well defined by the TV drug Advertisment Warnings, including the possibility of death from taking a petrochemical medication. 90% of medications are made from petrochemicals.

    Are Petrochemicals the new violence, they are a known cause of death as well as cancers which usually lead to death.

    And petrochemical increase use has expanded to where it is now known that 55% of the population is on not one, not 2, but up to 4 different petrochemical medications per day, some people, patients, add to that with other over the counter petrochemical drugs.

    If drugs kill and cause disease, clearly that is the new violence. And it should be stopped or at least curtailed or come up with an alternative…like PREVENTION of disease and prevention of early death. Removal of the CAUSE of disease and the CAUSE of early death is another excellent alternative, although not as profitable as petrochemical drug treatments which cause disease and death and fuels the medical industry.

    Did you know that the pharmaceutical petrochemical industry along with the doctor distributors of the petrochemical drugs make $4 Trillion dollars a year. The US Dept of Defense makes only about $350 Billion dollars a year and they make Aircraft Carriers and Jets, not pills.

    Avoid modern violence, read your foods labels. If you do not know what the ingredients are, or you cannot pronounce or spell them; they are probably not food and they are probably petrochemicals, that cause silent violence in you body like poison can and does.

    You hear people,say they don’t read the food labels, as they do not want to be paranoid. Food labels inform us and warn us of the ingredients. If people were educated they’d know that which to avoid. It’s best to avoid all petrochemicals. Caution eliminates paranoia, so does education about our bodies and foods. And let us never forget our body’s Master Organ, the Nervous System.

    We are lucky that we still have food labeling, though for some reason they do not want to label GMO foods.

    When medications, the medical petrochemicals, make you sick or kill you, that is an overdose. Years ago public advocate Ralph Nader, he actually ran for President of the US; he participated in a study that revealed that 375,000 Americans, over a 3 year study, died each year from their medications, or doctor intervention, usually with petrochemicals medications. That was each year for 3 years. That’s about the same as 1,000 747 airplanes falling out of the sky in a year. Well you know 747’s would be grounded ASAP IF THAT HAPPENED, but drugs…NOT, they continue to flow.

    If they could control the dosage of opioids, and the drug addicts had a label to read as to strength of their doses each day, 75,000 a year would not overdose and die, in hopes of saving them and getting them off drugs and becoming productive citizens, and not instead cause loss of life sadness.

    Oil makes cancerous petrochemicals, petrochemicals make drugs and medicine and many many other poisonous and/or polluting substances.

    How can we stem the flow of oil, of petrochemicals, when they are so easy to make and so profitable, and make so many things used every day and all day in the world. More than medicines, and plastic (petrochemicals) bottles for water, etc., this stuff is everywhere. All plastic is made from oil, the petrochemicals.

    I have a question. Will oil, petrochemicals, outlast the human race before the human race allows petrochemicals to cause the human race to become exterminated?



  3. Just Saying September 4, 2018 3:52 am Reply

    My goodness Charles, you are really over your head when it comes to these topics! You need to stick to ones such as “My, that was a fine sunrise!” I will thank you for the quaintest comments I have heard in many years: “The US Dept of Defense makes only about $350 Billion dollars a year and they make Aircraft Carriers and Jets…” The last person who believed this about the DOD is buried with the other two Stooges!

    BTW Charles, glyphosate did not become a “petrochemical” just because you like the way that sounds. It’s an organophosphorus compound and can also play the piano!

    Also Charles, since the 747 was discontinued a while back, only 500 are still flying and that number will steadily decrease! Your example of “…1,000 747 airplanes falling out of the sky in a year…” can no longer occur. I know that putting that thought in your brain will push out your ability to remember how to get home so let me apologize in advance!

  4. Mark Beeksma September 4, 2018 6:50 am Reply

    Clearly, “Thou shalt not kill” refers to murder, if you read the context of the Torah. Check out “Thou shalt not kill” in Wikipedia.
    If you want to just use the English word, “kill,” where do you stop? Do you kill a wasp that is stinging you? Do you kill the weeds in your garden? If you do, then I am afraid you are breaking the 6th commandment.

  5. LMat September 4, 2018 9:55 am Reply

    Charles, get a life.
    This letter was about the bible and capital punishment. Stop trying to spin the comments section for every letter or article into a platform for your drivel. Stop trying to brainwash everybody with your ridiculously ignorant hogwash… Seriously, nobody reads your mile-long, rubbish comments.

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