State holds flu clinics

HONOLULU — The Hawaii Department of Health will hold flu vaccination clinics in 180 public schools statewide from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7.

New this year: Vaccination consent forms will be distributed to parents through student orientation or “back to school” packets on the first day of school. Parents or guardians wanting their child to receive a free flu shot should return the completed consent form to their school by Aug. 16.

The annual Stop Flu at School program provides free flu shots to children in kindergarten through grade 8 attending participating schools. Flu vaccination reduces the spread of flu and helps protect those at risk of serious illness. Parents and guardians of students attending schools that will not have a school-located clinic are encouraged to contact their child’s healthcare provider to receive the flu vaccine in their office.

  1. Charlie Chimknee August 7, 2018 11:52 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou,

    How can we expect people to make informed choices when they’ve never been informed.

    Why is it only doctors receive an in-depth education about the human body? And for most of them, and more and more of them, it is all about Disease Care, that is, what chemical drug (most being derivatives of petroleum and coal tars, sources that are cancer causing) are being used for your failing, or soon to be failing, and less than optimal body systems, namely one being the Immune System. In other words, the best that modern science can come up with these days is “which pill for which ill”. And all pills have negative to fatal side effects (see the TV ads on drug commercials).

    With all the $Trillions of dollars spent on Disease Care each year, almost none of it is spent on finding the Causes of Disease, which if the Causes were addressed, removed, there would be little or no need for the drug treatments and much of Disease Care would phase out, thus bringing in more and more Health Care measures and methods, and much of that by education and non therapeutic methodologies.

    It has reached the point of being hilarious how incredibly diverse and absolutely scary the side effects of drugs have become. While listening to the warning voice, while the happy actor feigns health, have you ever wondered if you could get any one of those side effects, but what if you got them ALL…all at one time? Some people probably do get many of the side effects and that is how they know those side effects happen. Be sure to consult your doctor if you are dead.

    But, all the while each individual deserves to know enough about their body to make educated decisions and informed choices for what is best for them and their Health. Every person inherently wants Health but few know the road and rules to have and maintain Health.

    Keeping your Health, or restoring it, requires daily diligence, but you need to know how to do that. Education will teach you.

    If you were taught an hour a day from early schooling to high school graduation, even TV and the hand held screens could be reaching youth about their bodies, you would know as much about your body as most doctors do.

    For instance the Immune System works on a few basic levels and a lot of microscopic ones too. One of those levels is it’s interaction, and dependency of working tied into the Nervous System, the Nervous System is the know all do all of the human body, the Master Organ.

    The nervous system allows the Immune System to be challenged by Invasive organisms, like bacteria and virus, etc, that “gives” you the flu. Call them Invasive Species.

    So ask yourself, why has since ever, things like the flu and colds, and even the childhood diseases (measles, mumps, chicken pox) go through a classroom, a playground, other gathering places (parties), and even business offices in large buildings…and only some people get sick with these illnesses from the, now called in this article, “Invasive Species”?

    Why? Because the people who got sick, their Immune System failed on the one hand to overwhelm the Invasive Specie ( bacteria, virus, etc.) and suppress it so that you did not suffer an ill event (cold or flu), and on the other hand, at least if you got “sick”, your immune system did the proper response, you see, getting what is called “sick” is really the signs and symptoms of your immune system “fighting” off the invasive species of bacteria and virus, until you feel well. When you feel well that is when your immune system has overwhelmed the invasive species of bacteria, and/or virus and rendered them “harmless” and excreted them from your body by the internal use of your immune and excretory systems; which makes its own cells, 1.) Agglutinins, 2.) Precipitators, 3.) Antibodies, 4.) Neutralizers, 5.) Opsins, and 6.) Lysins, to rid yourself of the “invasive ‘bug’ species” that make us sick.

    Be sure to know that when you are suffering the natural effects of a flu and cold, before you take drugs, what you are feeling is the mechanism of the Healing Process itself working to get you well or free of the invasive “bugs”, that process is interrupted by drugs and medicines.

    When the body is challenged by invasive “bugs”, bacteria, etc., from flu, disease, or even open wounds, etc., or even bad chemicals in our food, the Immune System responds to the challenge and rids our body of the these Invaders (called Antigens) with the above 6 Divisions of our body’s “Army”; and either by the sickness response or no sign of sickness at all, remember, some people get the same Invasive Specie entering their body, that circulates in the classroom or office, but they do not get the sickness response.

    No sickness response? That is because their own good army of responders, the immune system, via the Nervous System, suppresses successfully the invasive species and precludes any sign of illness, while those who get sick respond with the natural on purpose immune system response to protect the body from any harm that can be caused by the invasive bacteria and virus, etc.

    The wonderful thing is, if left alone to deal with invasive illness species, the immune system will remember each and every one of the invaders and make a combatting lock and key mechanism for the invaders, by that it means that when the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time the invasive bacteria show up in your body, and so on, you will have the Big 6, listed above, already available to multiply and attack like a “lock and key” mechanism, and neutralize the invaders so eventually you will not experience the feeling of sickness, like those who appear to not be sick when the flu is around, even though the flu “bugs” also entered their body with a healthy immune system waiting to defend agains the “invaders”.

    Each time we take a flu shot or other “modern” immunity or vaccine injections, it stresses our immune system to have to “greet” those science made manufactured invaders, or antigens that are in the injection/vaccine, requiring more of your own lock and key defensive mechanisms, as well as the need to also suppress, or put down the “bugs” being passed around from person to person. If left alone the immune system makes its own defensive cells that last for a lifetime, versus science made vaccines that last only about 20 years, and then you are rendered “fragile” as to self protection from the invasive species.

    If you get sick and then get well on your own, without drugs or medicines or injections, you increase the “power”, and memory, of your immune system and strengthen your defenses against illnesses. If you take medicines when you are sick, you weaken your immune system and become susceptible to illnesses that come your way. That is why some infections return over and over, bladder infections in women and sore throat, sinus, and tonsillitis in many. If cutting out your tonsils makes sense as a treatment, wouldn’t cutting out your urinary bladder, ladies, make sense to?

    The body is capable of self defense and disease prevention, and is a self repair process organism; but what it NEEDS is No INTERFERENCE to what provides disease free Health.

    That INTERFERENCE comes from that which weakens your immune system.

    What weakens and overly challenges your immune system is alcohol, tobacco, and drugs (even medicines, see TV ads). More interference and over working the immune system are from eating junk foods, processed foods, added sugars to food, chemicals added to food like artifificial anything like colors and flavorings; and Agricultural poisons like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and any others. Even dairy is now known to produce diseases.

    Health is best guarded by staying close to Nature, read the labels on food, if it has difficult words to read or pronounce, pass that food by and choose all food foods.

    READ THE LABELS AND DO YOURSELF A HELTH FAVOR. Natural Food is critical for good Health.



  2. Charlie chimknee August 8, 2018 11:42 am Reply

    Aloha Kakou,

    May I add to yesterday’s comment: the flu shot you get, or other vaccines or immunizations, well since you can get some of them at the store / pharmacy, lets just call them all for discussion purposes…”Store Bought”, even though today store bought flu shots are sometimes free, while others like some TV ad drugs will also send the first ones to you for free.

    This is an old technique by illegal drug dealers where they would try to recruit customers by giving the first drug dosages for free, resulting in long term customers hooked on the drugs…it works well today with meth and other street drugs like heroin and cocaine and even marijuana, all of which sidetrack individuals not only from health but responsibility and actually weaken a nation.

    Giving free drugs to medical patients also makes some long term customers as some medicines are prescribed for life with no end to their taking them, e.g., high blood pressure medicine, or removing a body part by surgery that normally produces a vital need in your body, then replacing it with a store bought version of the same body made produced nutrient.

    So this is why store bought flu shots, vaccines or body necessary nutrients are not First Class, that which your body needs and deserves.
    We only have one flight through life, and as to each of our lives God’s Nature intended it to be First Class. Second Class medicines or surgery sounds disgusting. let’s always demand First Class.

    When the flu “bugs”move through a community, a city, a country, and even around the world like Bird Flu, or other named flu’s, those bacteria and virus, etc., continually mutate as they multiply. A flu bug arriving from Florida or France or Australia or Thailand from 3 or 6 weeks ago are not the same as the original bug, they change or mutate as they multiply; are children identical to their parents? Of course not it’s the same with bacteria , etc.. So when a bug is “captured” (drawing a bug from the blood of a sick patient) and cultured, grown, to make millions or billions of more same bugs for flu shots they are different from the original. Many flu shot locations are providing flu shots from last year…outdated…!

    These original flu bugs are not BIO-IDENTICAL to the “cousin” bugs that started the wave of flu moving through populations of people.

    Hawaii as a world wide tourist destination bring worldwide people with worldwide bugs to infect our population.

    But the flu shot cousin bugs made from the original bugs do not fit the lock and key mechanism of the immune system in our body that is trying to lock and kept match up to the live bug going actively through our community, so not only is the flu shot a waste of time but another burden to our immune system. Not only does your immune system have to lock and key the store bought flu shot bugs, but also the natural mutated “cousin” flu bugs moving through the population that you may unluckily come into contact with, and still needs to undergo the lock and key flu bug elimination process by your immune system that does not need the extra burden of store bought flu bugs burdening unnecessarily your immune system.

    Congratulations if you followed all that, perhaps now you can see where your greatest ally to your health is human body education…after all it is for your Health…SALUD…! Make an informed choice, yes it is difficult to believe the person selling you the drugs and bugs.



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