Some get their spiritual guidance from tarot cards

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There are so many ways that people look for spiritual guidance. Some people get their guidance through meditation, some through listening quietly after praying, some look in their religion’s sacred text, and some find other means.

Here’s another: ever heard of tarot cards?

Every tarot deck has 78 cards and each card has a picture on it that depicts what that card means. Its history goes all the way back to ancient Egypt but became more publicly known in the 14th century in Europe.

Some people will use this deck of cards in various ways as a visual tool to guide their day or answer questions they might have. It is somewhat similar to potshotting one’s favorite spiritual, inspirational or religious books when in search of a little guidance!

“Tarot Made Easy” explains each card, each of the four suits, the Major Arcana (of which there are 22) and the Minor Arcana (the numbered cards nearly identical to regular deck of cards… which the tarot is where they originally came from!) and show us different layouts to use to determine the answers to our questions we have in our lives.

This particular book has been one the most comprehensive and easy-to-use guides that we suggest on understanding the tarot and how to use the Tarot for the beginner or even the seasoned reader. Sometimes people are taught fairly strict rules to interpret the cards, but author Nancy Garen puts some of those rules aside and has each card that gets put down in front to interpret (or read) in a simple way, covering a wide variety of areas in our lives that we might have questions about.

Whether one uses tarot for fun, games, serious guidance, or is simply curious, this is a great companion for any deck.


Cynthia Lynn and Ed Justus are owners of The Bookstore in Hanapepe.


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