Just trying to fit in and not look lost

Life can get heavy… and sometimes we just need something to lighten the mood!

Behold! The wisdom of Lord Birthday: a tiny mustachioed king who is as insightful as he is ridiculous. His bite-sized illustrations capture the inherent comedy of being human, and his guidance appeals to anyone who is striving against the odds, believing in both the absurdity and necessity of hope.

And lucky for us, Lord Birthday’s insights come in this wonderfully compact composite form of glue, ink, and pressed wood pulp planes (i.e. a book), entitled “How to Appear Normal at Social Events: And Other Essential Wisdom.”

It is quite unlike anything you’ve ever read before. Smart, raunchy, uproarious, soul-crushing, and uplifting, yet paradoxically relatable and quirky too. Lord Birthday is a silly, down-to-earth author who manages to be moving, politically relevant, lighthearted, and humorous at the same time somehow. This book might even restore your faith in humanity!

As people who grew up hooked on “Far Side,” we really appreciate its uniqueness. Each page is delightfully illustrated, and includes also lists that are playful, satirical, ironic, and even darkly comical. Lord Birthday attempts to put some order into the chaos of the world through the guise of lists and absurdity.

Contained in its pages are an emotional instruction manual for the capably dysfunctional, guiding us through a Wilderness of Metaphorical Circumstances that you are Most Likely to Encounter, whether you step out the door this morning, or seek refuge beneath a pile of couch cushions on the living room floor.

Caught your interest? Unusual enough? See, you probably forgot all about whatever was going on today, didn’t you?

Do yourself a favor and explore this book for yourself, or gift to your family, coworkers and your friends. The world might just look a whole lot better!


Cynthia Lynn and Ed Justus are owners of The Bookstore in Hanapepe.


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