Letter for Saturday, May 5, 2018

Buffer zone should be bigger to protect students

In reference to the pesticide bill, I feel that the minimum distance to schools of 100 feet is far too close. As a papa of seven grandchildren, the distance of 100 feet to schools, along with the Kauai winds, can still affect schools. I would like to recommend the minimum distance from schools be 100 yards.

Bob Moulton, Kekaha

  1. uamaukeeaokaainaikapono May 5, 2018 8:11 am Reply

    Papa, I agree with you 200%!!!! Let’s work on this as a community—it can/will happen!

  2. Charlie Chimknee May 5, 2018 8:22 am Reply

    Aloha Bob, it’s much appreciated your safety recommendation, but please consider what is called “drift” that goes on in a football stadium.

    Only 100 yards long, gees Bob, on windy days in a foot ball stadium you can see paper, much less 10’s of thousands of very lightweight droplets of Ag Poison spray, being blown along the entire stadium and on the football field itself. And without the walls of the stadium the “drift” would go even farther.

    You can see that happen at our Vidinha Stadium on with just Tradewinds coming off the ocean, all the way across the airport and the highway and the stadium hedges.

    And Mother Nature, she huffed and she puffed, whenever she feel,like it, not just when school is out.

    100 yards, especially only 100’, is a joke measurement of safety for people and children and the living but unborn babies.

    And they want to spray even closer when school is closed…! They must be morons, or think we are…!

    If somebody sprayed poison on your desk or kitchen counter while you were out for the day, wouldn’t you want to completely clean it off before you sat down at your computer or prepared dinner on the kitchen counter? Or would you say what the heck, and let the poison spray go in yuurs and your family’s dinner?

    The only sane and safe measurement would be Miles of distance from schools, hospitals, homes, and roads…meaning Kaua’i is too small for Poison Based Agriculture (PBA).

    Tell Monsanto, and the others to go back to where the come from, oh sorry, the have been banned from their home countries and location, but the evils of “political lobbying” make it happen here. Chemical Crimes?

    Who’s Involved…? Take their names, check their I.D..’s…!

    Kaua’i is big enough to grow actual food for all of us and the visitors too, and send some to Oahu as well. Fresh and Tasty, all Natural. How come not?

    There is a simple choice one must make…!
    1.) Eating Poison
    2.) or slicing of a bug “sting” off of your fruits and vegetables.

    What? Too lazy already for that? Or what too, “scaredy cat”, some little bug shared your papaya…?

    Every human on Kauai until Ag Poison showed up enjoyed nutritious naturally sweet (gone now) fruits and vegetables…with a bug “sting”.

    Now your food is served with poison…? When did “sicko” food production become accepted as OK….? So many questions left unanswered, Bob.

    How we going protect our family’s when the City Dwellers, the urbanites control the laws by majority, when it is easier to see and live natural when we are country people.

    With natural food, even with bug “sting”, your body and immune system gets stronger.

    With Ag Poison, your body gets weaker and so does your immune system, besides you can get cancer…!

    And your choice is…?



    1. Just Saying May 7, 2018 1:57 pm Reply

      Charlie, Monsanto isn’t on Kauai.
      Another thing you’ve imagined is the woefully inefficiency of spraying anything in strong winds. This simply does not happen. Time for you to go West and take a free tour so you won’t base your writing on your uninformed imagination!

  3. 100ft100yds May 5, 2018 9:00 am Reply

    It’s doesnt matter if it’s feet or yards, instead it should be 100 miles. Yah know what I’m saying Vern?

  4. Joan Conrow May 7, 2018 12:36 pm Reply

    Bob’s comment underscores the silliness of the buffer zone, which is totally arbitrary with no scientific basis. If you’re going to impose buffer zones, at least base them in some sort of evidence. Don’t just pick a feel good number you think will pass the Lege. But then, this bill was never about protecting kids, anyway. It’s all about destroying ag and perpetuating a distorted ideology.

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