Letters for Sunday, March 18, 2018

Dress code petition got it wrong

I’m a student at Kauai High School and I’m writing to address an article The Garden Island newspaper published March 10 regarding the petition about the dress code for Kauai High’s prom.

The fact is Kauai High School’s prom dress code is similar to most schools’ prom dress code throughout the state. The petition also didn’t actually state what the students who wrote the petition wanted the dress code to be, only that they found the dress code unacceptable as it is.

They also didn’t attempt to speak to an administrative figure before creating the petition, which would have been the proactive route to take.

A PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) meeting was scheduled March 8 to address these students’ concerns regarding the dress code, which the author of the petition chose not to attend. Regardless, prom is meant to be about celebrating time with classmates, and having fun, not about clothing.

Rachel R. Dressler, Kauai High School Leadership student

Dress code has been around a long time

I’m not much of a formal writer, but I️ am a fan of formal dances. This whole controversy about what is appropriate and not appropriate to wear to a school dance is unnecessary.

Although “the future is female” and women are empowering, we are still teens in high school still going through crazy hormones. The strict dress code has always been that way for the past generations and ever since elementary and middle school, the rules on what to wear has been drilled into our minds, otherwise there are consequences for not abiding by them.

Sure, it may be nice to wear a high slit, backless dress; however, just because the rules state that we are not allowed to wear such exposed clothing does not mean we can’t have fun at a dance even when our body is less-exposed.

Women can be confident fully clothed because a true lady shines from the inside, radiating her positivity towards others. Anyways, we need to realize that we are still teens going to a school dance and we should know that although we are not stepping onto school grounds, we are still going to a dance representing our school which obviously would have rules and regulations.

This is my opinion. Those who are not happy with how the rules are making us cover up, then you might as well not go to the dance.

Tiffany Sagucio, Koloa

  1. gordon oswald March 18, 2018 7:30 am Reply

    Thank you Tiffany for your wonderful and well written letter!

  2. Ed Wagner March 18, 2018 7:36 am Reply

    Proms are for the students not the parents or the teachers. Let the kids decide what is or isn’t appropriate. I can still remember the uproar over a backless dress my date wore wore in 1980

  3. numilalocal March 18, 2018 10:30 am Reply

    Female dress codes are largely about males being unable to control their urges. Do males get asked what they were wearing when they got mugged? Are they told that their attire attracted an attacker? Think about it.

  4. LMat March 19, 2018 8:59 am Reply

    “let the kids decide what is and isn’t appropriate”… Uh, NOPE.
    Ed, Numila, have you guys been on social media lately…? I have a feeling the answer is NO. Have you guys heard of the Kardashians…? You know what those crazy kids are wearing nowadays…? Completely sheer tops with no bras underneath seems to be all the rage…
    Just saw a video on “the Gram” that a relative of mine posted, of her tween daughter and friends at the beach frolicking about wearing thong bikini bottoms. Twelve and thirteen-year-olds. In thongs. Being posted to social media. By their parents.
    Thank you to Rachel and Tiffany for thinking independently and having a diverse and mature perspective on the dress code issue.

  5. Aunty K March 21, 2018 1:03 pm Reply

    Thank you LMat! I totally agree, I wouldn’t want my daughter going to prom wearing something inappropriate! Not only you representing school, but also your family! Now days people don’t understand what teens wear! When I was younger my mom would kill me going out like how some guys and girls go out. Getting boyfriends and girlfriends when some only in middle school. You gotta teach them! That’s why they’re minors and need a guardian to teach them what’s right and wrong. My daughter shows me videos of some of the girls who are within the petition, doing some bad things that I wouldn’t want her to be around. I’m sorry but I’m totally against this petition and some people don’t even know the whole story! My daughter goes to this school and so did my son! You can tell it’s wrong when they have students who are against it as well. Gotta think before taking these kinds of actions.

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