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Pesticides are not in our best interests

Underlying motives? “…stealth techniques.” What are these stealthy motivators up to? What’s in it for them?

Many of us on Kauai have a concern about the reality of pesticide use. You claim, Mr. Parachini, later in your column (TGI, Feb. 25), “The overwhelming majority of cases of people being harmed by pesticides are linked to use in the home …”

I’ve had to use Yardguard on several occasions — it’s the sledge hammer in my tool box—-and never in all these years has any of my neighbors come down with ailments even closely related to its use. Not even one cancer cluster.

You did admit to the danger of chlorpyritos and I was impressed with your question to Gov. Ige, “… is this really in the interest of Hawaii residents?”

What is in the interests of Hawaii residents?

It seems to me what is in the interest of all of us is: the availability of fresh air. The availability of fresh water. The availability of good food.

How many acres of GMO corn is grown on Kauai that is not edible? How does food we can’t eat feed us? Is growing food we can’t eat in our best interest?

You forgot to mention how use of the multitude of chemicals needed to grow the GMO corn we can’t eat, foul the air and the water. Does this serve our best interest?

You claim there is no scientific evidence that GMO crops are anything to be scared of.

There seems to be another side of the debate and while you pro-GMO and anti-GMO argue.

Residents in Hawaii live with the hope you’re right and they’re wrong.

Intelligent use of pesticides?

A personal aside: I was born before the advent of DDT. We had a small family farm. Grew enough alfalfa to feed the horses. Enough food to eat.

Pesticide was never allowed. I was taught — as a kid — it killed the bees and that seems to be true today. I watch it happen whenever the county sprays around my house.

Does killing bees serve our interest?

In my youth, a flock of hens wandered through our orchard and vegetable garden munching on pests, then returned home to roost and lay the most delicious eggs known to humankind.

Today, miserable hens are raised in grossly overcrowded egg factories — no sun, no space — stuffed with antibiotics to keep them alive, and a most unhealthy food is passed on to the public.

Does this serve our interest?

The same is true of the disgusting milk factory project offered up as an option.

What the council — the law, the Gov. — seem to forget, food is not grown to fill the belly of someone’s bank account. Food is grown to nourish.

I think I could make a case — and probably win it — that you and our government are totally alienated from nature.

Does this serve our interest? According to the law — you remind us — breathing foul air, drinking foul water, eating foul food does.

I beg to differ.


Bettejo Dux is a resident of Kalaheo.

  1. Lenny for mayor March 7, 2018 6:36 am Reply

    Who cares about beez? Those will sting people, kill them all. I no like get stung!! Thanks for looking out for us little guys allean. You the ma!!!!

  2. Amused March 7, 2018 7:46 am Reply

    First, the only “cancer cluster” on Kauai is the melanoma on the North Shore.

    Second, every test done by government agencies and anti-GMO activists found either no evidence or pesticide or very low trace amounts, far below federal standards. Ag pesticides are NOT fouling the air or water.

    Third, why are you ONLY concerned about agricultural pesticides when the termite companies use far more than anyone else in Hawaii?

    Fourth, Hawaii has the healthiest bees in the US.

    I’m sick of reading the lies and shibai spouted by people like you who don’t know what you’re talking about. Learn before you write!

  3. Amused March 7, 2018 7:49 am Reply

    As for “Underlying motives? “…stealth techniques. What are these stealthy motivators up to? What’s in it for them?” wake up and smell the Kauai coffee!! They want the westside ag lands for development!

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