Dying vets cannot use life-ending drugs at many state homes

In this Feb. 23, 2018 photo Air Force veteran Ed Warren, 82, and his wife, Jac Warren, 81, pose for a photo while visiting San Diego, to attend the Democrats’ annual convention and talk to lawmakers. The couple is voicing opposition to a regulation that requires veterans in state homes to be discharged before they can use a new state law allowing physician-assisted deaths for the terminally ill. The California Department of Veterans Affairs officials say the Department of Veterans Affairs does not allow federal funds to be used for assisted suicides. The couple lives at the nation’s largest retirement home in Yountville, California. (AP Photo by Julie Watson)

SAN DIEGO — Suffering from heart problems, Bob Sloan told his children he wants to use California’s new law allowing life-ending drugs for the terminally ill when his disease becomes too advanced to bear.