Letters for Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Original Polynesians are from northern Luzon

People of Filipino ancestry are the largest national ethnic group in Hawaii, totaling 23 percent of Hawaii’s population. Of these, 85 percent are Ilocanos, from northern Luzon.

My wife’s family are Ilocanos who have been on Kauai for four generations. Diane recently did a popular DNA test. We wondered if we would find some Spanish blood since the Spanish were in the Philippines for over 300 years.

The test results surprised us. Her DNA profile was 67 percent Filipino and 33 percent Polynesian. The company also matched her with cousins on her father’s side, proving her Filipino parentage.

What’s up with the Polynesian DNA? I found out that in recent years they have discovered that the original Polynesian voyagers came from northern Luzon (and Taiwan previously). The DNA in the oldest skeletons in early Polynesia are a pure match with the Lapita culture of northern Luzon.

The DNA also indicates that the Papuan influence on Polynesians (with the darker features) came hundreds of years later from male Papuan immigrants to Polynesia.

A 33 percent connection between Ilocanos and Polynesians is quite strong, since the original Polynesians left northern Luzon around 3,000 years ago. Since then, there has been genetic mixture on both sides. The square root of 33 percent is 57 percent, so the mixtures would average 57 percent on each side. Modern Polynesians might have 57 percent of their ancestry from northern Luzon. Modern Ilocanos might also have around 57 percent of their ancestry in common with the original Polynesian explorers.

It is interesting how things come full circle. The Filipinos from northern Luzon are the largest ethnic group in Hawaii today. They are immigrants, yet they happen to come from the same island and tribe as those who originally discovered the islands of Polynesia.

Mark Beeksma, Koloa

US militarism is toxic

Donald Trump’s recently announced 2018 Pentagon budget of $700 billion should alarm all world citizens. The word “militarism” is rarely heard in American public discourse. “Militarism” is not a word you will ever hear discussed let alone mentioned in any corporate news forum.

However the prophetic warnings of Dwight Eisenhower in this the most famous and important of all presidential farewell speeches haunts us now like a Dicken’s ghost. Militarism has absolutely nothing to do with the defense of the country. And it is the antithesis of participatory democracy. Eisenhower’s warning about the unwarranted “influence” of the “military industrial complex” has been largely ignored and minimized. And we the people and the world are now paying the price.

A militaristic culture glorifies and sanctions endless conflict and war. Think of Libya, Iraq, Syria, and our starvation blockade of Yemen. The morality of first strikes, drone attacks, and covert assassination are never debated if even mentioned. In a militaristic culture there is no such thing as failure. Every action is heroic and worthy of reverential awe. Questions of legality and international law are trifles that don’t even merit mention.

U.S militarism has become the toxic and evil conjoined twin of “American Exceptionalism”. These forces have combined to create one of the most dangerous nationalistic mindsets in world history. Sired from our endless adulation and devotion for the military is the emerging strategic notion and belief that nuclear war is viable, winnable, and justifiable. One example is our recent strategic announcement that nuclear first strikes may be used as a reasoned response for a major cyber attack.

Americans need to quickly hone their survival skills and take action and face head on the juggernaut of U.S militarism. The task and challenge is daunting. Failure to act however will inevitably lead to unimaginable catastrophe if not species extinction.

Jim Sawyer, Edmonds, Wash.

  1. Charlie chimknee February 27, 2018 4:02 am Reply

    DNA testing several years ago showed that the people that left their culture behind and populated most of Polynesia, started out from the northern mountains of Sumatra and headed east passing through Indonesia and below the Philippines, and certainly some “dropped” off along the way and spread into other cultures, especially so in the southern Philippines some thousands of years ago with inevitable further migration north through those islands to the top of Luzon, and theirs your DNA test.

    But the majority of the migrants moved east entering the vast Pacific looking for lands to settle, finding only islands and atolls. And many found nothing and perished at sea.

    But the first group to settle some of the Pacific’s larger Polynesian islands were the Samoans. After a time, one of the main reasons for migration at sea, overcrowding and disagreements, caused Samoans to go further east to the Tahiti and Marquesas islands.

    Form there history easily tracks those Polynesians from Tahiti and Marquesas to Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud, NEW ZEALAND; also north to Hawaii where it is understood that due to navigational limitations that the first Polynesians to become Hawaiians landed at Wailua River, a most sacred place in all of Hawaii Nei.

    Because of archeological findings on Kauai, it is believed that the earliest arrivals to Hawaii came from the Marquesas Islands near Tahiti, because the earliest pohaku poi pounders, stone artifacts that are rather bell shaped and have a circular handle on them apparently came from Marquesas or were copied from ones made in Marquesas, and not Tahiti.

    Also the Marquesans were smaller people than the Tahitians, and these Marquesans seem to fill the legends as Menehune.

    The Wailua River is revered as the origin of the Hawaiian Polynesian Culture, truly a most sacred place, an the original “canoe plants” brought from the old country (islands) got their start at Wailua, and allowed for the survival of the original voyagers. The original Hawaiians.

    What mysteries must lie along the Wailua area, including the DNA of the Kanaka Maoli, ithe original men and women.



    1. Craig Callaway February 27, 2018 3:38 pm Reply

      Mahalo, Charlie; good research.

      1. Charlie chimknee February 27, 2018 9:04 pm Reply

        Mahalo Criag and all these years I thought I was typing with invisible ink…especially since about only 1/2 my comments get published and I try be respect every time.

        And what, Paulo, never like my one…?

    2. Mark Beeksma March 1, 2018 11:05 am Reply

      Hi Charlie, The articles that I read said that the original Polynesians came from northern Luzon and Taiwan before that. Here is a link to one article dated just over a year ago:
      You wrote that the original Polynesians came from Sumatra, which is a much different theory. From what I read, this was an older theory which has now been changed. Please let me know if you have a reference to a credible and recent discussion of the Sumatra theory. Aloha, Mark

    3. Pootunui March 1, 2018 12:48 pm Reply

      Charles, Ka’oha nui – not sure where you’re getting some of your information. And actually, the Marquesans are taller people then the Tahitians. I have lived in the Marquesas, Tahiti, Rapa Nui, Aotearoa, (home is Kauai) and I still go to these islands often. And, through my research and education, it is generally thought today that the Samoans migrated throughout East Polynesia with the Marquesas (or Fenua Enata or Enana, or the Isles of Hiva) being settled before Tahiti. And, there was another settlement of people in the Marquesas after the Samoans as well.
      But, not sure about the pohaku ku’i’ai puka being from the Marquesas? And certainly not from Tahiti. This design was created on Kauai. The styles of the stirrup and puka pounders are only found on Kauai. Nowhere else.
      And, where did you get that Wailua was the origin of Polynesian culture? I am knowledgeable on this subject but have never come across this. Today, Anthropologists believe that Polynesia actually began in the Samoa-Tonga-and small part of Fiji islands (Lau group – and pottery was sourced from the Lau islands that was found on Nuku Hiva in the Northern Marquesas).
      Would really like to know where you get your references? From your family, school, on your own, or? There is always research going on in Polynesia, especially with regard to Polynesian settlement patterns. Many good up-to-date books and academic journal articles are available with new and changing information all the time, especially since technology is always getting better. Good idea to stay up to date with current research. All the best.

  2. Polynesian skeezin February 27, 2018 7:02 am Reply

    I don’t really mind what the DNA profile is as long as I can trade up for a new model every few years!! Am I eight?

  3. Manawai February 27, 2018 7:36 am Reply

    @ Jim Sawyer, Edmonds, Wash. – Letters like yours are what recreational pot gives us. Mahalo! Have a nice day!

  4. gordon oswald February 27, 2018 7:49 am Reply

    Well Jim from that bastion of snowflakes and Socialism, Washington State, you win the prize for the most naïve and confused letter writer of 2018. The United States is collapsing and decaying itself at light speed, and you want to continue the destruction of our Military, which the constitution states is the first obligation of our elected government “TO PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE OF OUR NATION”? You are what’s wrong with our country today. The most frightening thing coming out of your nonsensical letter is that you are a voter!

    1. Craig Callaway February 27, 2018 1:54 pm Reply

      Gosharootie, TGI, I sure am glad for your “no personal attacks” policy. If it weren’t for that, snotty little boys with too much time on their hands would be submitting brutish attacks like “You are what’s wrong with our country today.” And that would be a shame.

      1. Charlie chimknee February 27, 2018 9:16 pm Reply

        The flag of militarism should carry the slogan: The Illusion of Invincibility. How come we had a lot War in Korea, Vietnam, Afghakawakapakistan and all the rest and we neve clearly won but walked away or still hanging in for some more late profit.

        What do we expect from those people warring each other out in those remote mountains, democracy? By golly they are living in the Stone Age…while some of our soldiers are getting used to being stoned. Not a very good trade off for a hooked up veteran returnee…as was for so many from ‘nam.


    2. Craig Callaway February 27, 2018 4:37 pm Reply

      Gordon forgets to mention that the United States of America is UNDER ATTACK from Russia on an ongoing, daily basis — and President Trump has done, and is doing NOTHING about it. In fact, he has done nothing but suck up to his hero Vladimir Putin each and every day he’s been in office. Gee, I wonder why that is.

      1. Manawai February 28, 2018 8:42 am Reply

        Let’s not forget that YOUR President Obama said with his customary condescendingness, “…the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back, because, the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.” You’ve got the convenient and sadly typical liberal forgetfulness. Just like you all want socialism! Have you already forgotten about how well that works in the real world?

        1. Craig Callaway February 28, 2018 2:09 pm Reply

          Sorry, Manawai, but I don’t waste time on people who use screen names. I deal with Gordon because he uses his real name. Blather on; you’ll have to get reactions from someone else.

          1. manawai February 28, 2018 4:35 pm

            “Sorry, Manawai, but I don’t waste time on people who use screen name.”

            Ahhh…actually YOU DO because you just did! DOH! It’s snowing in here; big flakes!

    3. Steven McMacken February 28, 2018 5:21 am Reply

      Actually, Gordon, you are wrong (again). In the Preamble the first obligation of our elected government is not, as you say, “. . . to provide for the common defense [sic],” it is the third.

      For your edification:

      The first is to “. . . establish Justice . . . .”

      The second is to “. . . insure domestic Tranquility. . .”

      I don’t mean to be nitpicky but I would think a patriot like yourself would want to know that.

  5. Sunrise_blue February 27, 2018 9:13 am Reply

    According to one study, 1900, they were called Filopino. 1600 the area were immigrants of three other groups, Indochinese, Malay, and Spanish. Area called Mindanao. Northern part of that location.

  6. PauloT February 27, 2018 9:49 am Reply

    Good letter. Thank you Jim Sawyer.

  7. Charlie chimknee February 27, 2018 8:58 pm Reply

    And what, Paulo, never like my one…?

  8. gordon oswald February 28, 2018 10:30 am Reply

    Sorry Craig, but your logic makes no sense? You state we’re under attack by Russia in one breath, while supporting a letter that says “continue to gut our military” of what it needs to protect us? And oh yes! Are you equally as hateful towards your “Dear Leaders” Hillary and Barack for giving away over 20% of our uranium resources to RUSSIA so they can build more improved nuclear weapons to more effectively destroy your country? Now what is a person like that called?

  9. Craig Callaway February 28, 2018 1:58 pm Reply

    Oh Gordon, how I wish you were a worthy opponent. You must try to keep up on the news sometime — rather than just absorbing everything Sean Hannity tells you. Pay attention now, Gordon: The “Hillary gave away our uranium to Russia” story is FALSE — A LIE! Got that? It is a LIE told to you by your friends at Fox. Try taking a look at a RESPONSIBLE site like SNOPES some time. Here you are: https://www.snopes.com/hillary-clinton-uranium-russia-deal/

    And changing the subject about what I said doesn’t work either. The United States IS under ATTACK from Russia. Even the Republicans in Congress have acknowledged it by joining the Democrats in a nearly 100 percent BIPARTISAN condemnation of Russia and instructions to Comrade Donald to impose more severe sanctions on Russia. But Comrade Donald REFUSES to do so. What do I call that? I call that Treason. And we know why, don’t we? Of course: because the Russians helped him get elected, and he wants them to do it again.

  10. Craig Callaway February 28, 2018 2:11 pm Reply

    The “Hillary gave away our uranium to Russia” story is FALSE — A LIE! It is a LIE told to you by your friends at Fox. Try taking a look at a RESPONSIBLE site like SNOPES some time. Here you are: https://www.snopes.com/hillary-clinton-uranium-russia-deal/

    1. manawai February 28, 2018 4:37 pm Reply

      Actually, you’re the liar Callaway! She signed the deal as Secretary of State! DOH!

  11. gordon oswald March 1, 2018 8:27 am Reply

    Craig – “fake” news has you brainwashed? The liberal pap you follow prevents you from seeing the forest! Snopes is a liberal bastion of Political agenda and you know it! Just research the background of the people who own it and their personal biases will become more clear! Hillary approved of the transfer of 20% of our Uranium, as did many others under her control. The Uranium, including some yellow cake that had already been advanced to the first stage of weapons grade uranium, was transferred to the Russian company. The same Russian company whose owners had personally transferred, both before the deal was made and after the deal was made, a total of $145 BILLION to the Clinton Foundation. That is a fact! Why would anyone give that much money to the Clintons? For what? Barack was the President and had to know of such a transaction just like his transfer of $150 BILLION dollars in US Cash that he put on an unmarked airplane in the middle of the night, without telling the American people OR CONGRESS, and flew it directly to Iran! What planet do you live on?

    1. Craig Callaway March 1, 2018 3:07 pm Reply

      Gordon, your screed that Snopes.com is a “liberal bastion … blah, blah, blah …” tells me — and the world — all we need to know about how you choose the “facts” that you allow into your brain. I do give you credit for writing under your own name, as opposed to your cowardly buddies here.

      As to your fact-free libel against Hillary Clinton, she withstood how many “investigations” by Trey Gowdy and cronies — 13 separate committees, as I remember! And the result: NOTHING done wrong. NOTHING! Given all the “facts” you swallow from Fox, if she had sinned even once she would have been convicted, stoned and stabbed. Instead, Gowdy and Gang could find NOTHING to support their baseless accusations.

      Gordon, you need to stop shrieking about Hillary and deal with the fact that your hero Comrade Donald, who is actually in office, is Owned by the Russians. The only question left is: Do they pay him in Dollars or Rubles?

  12. Craig Callaway March 1, 2018 1:43 pm Reply

    Typical, typical. Faced with FACTS that blow up the garbage fed to them by Fox & Friends, Believers yell “liberal pap … liberal bastion … Fake News! … blah, blah, blah …” I’ll bet you didn’t even READ the true story presented by Snopes, did you, Gordon? As soon as you saw the name, you went into your hysterical screaming overdrive. Typical, typical. No, Gordon, it’s not “a fact,” and I notice that you didn’t provide any documentation for your statements, as I did. That, of course, is because Fox (the Home of Fake News) is all you have. One of these days your screaming hatred is going to cause you to have a Stroke, Gordon.

    I also notice that you didn’t bother to deny that Comrade Trump is guilty of Treason.

  13. Craig Callaway March 1, 2018 7:32 pm Reply

    By the way, Gordon, since you’re afraid of the Truth in Snopes, there are TWENTY other sources you can easily find on the web blowing the basis of your Yellowcake story all to hell. It’s simply garbage that began with Steve Bannon when still at Breitbart. He took normal business among Canada, Russia, and the US, twisted it into various pretzels, and sold it to Believers like you. In truth, uranium sales have gone BOTH ways for decades.

    Also BTW, money given to the Clinton Foundation, from whomever, is actually used for HUMANITARIAN efforts around the world. This is unlike Comrade Trump’s “foundation,” where the money is used to buy six-foot portraits of the Comrade himself. Oh, and to pay off his prostitutes to keep their secrets from Melania, of course.

  14. Craig Callaway March 2, 2018 6:34 am Reply

    Anyway, Gordon, congratulations on your successful exposure of TGI’s failure to enforce its rules that Comments must be “civil and in good taste, with no personal attacks.” So let’s take your original rant at Mr. Edwards, change it a tad and see how it works.

    Well Gordon, you win the prize for the most ignorant and uninformed letter of 2018. The USA is collapsing and decaying at light speed, and you want to add to its destruction by promoting manufactured outrage and bad taste. You are what’s wrong with our country today. The most frightening thing coming from your ignorant rant is that you are a voter!

    Does that work for you, Gordon?

  15. Just Saying March 2, 2018 1:02 pm Reply

    Oh boy, I’ve seen some loony stuff here but this this whopper belongs at Burger King!
    Gordon Oswald thinks $150 Billion in US cash was sneaked out in the middle of the night for Iran!
    First of all, the total was $1.7 Billion which was a decades old settlement, plus interest that was frozen since the Iran hostage events. Second, the first payment was $400 Million in cash, arranged ahead of time in Switzerland. Swiss francs were the “cash” not dollars. They were flown from a base near Iran during daytime business hours in Iran which is the “middle of the night” in Washington! This was done because President Obama’s sanctions on Iran were so effective, Iran was completely removed from International Banking and cash was required. The money came from the Judgement Fund managed by the Treasury Department that Congress created to hold international settlement moneys until all court, or other proceedings, are at an end. George Bush Sr, used this same fund to deliver $278 Million in cash to Iran in 1991.
    Where did you get the $150 Billion story, Gordan, on another planet?

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