Letter for Saturday, February 17, 2018

Don’t try to fool us with good news

How many happy talk articles are we going to be subjected to so big business can rake in money at our residents’ expense? All while we are jammed packed with over run tourism, which we are suppose to welcome. How many potholes do we need to dodge so we don’t blow out a tire, break an axle, or ruin our alignment?

How many times do we round a curve to see a large oncoming vehicle in our lane because they cannot fit in their own lane without hitting a minefield of potholes? Someone is going to get killed or injured. Try driving down Olohena from the Homesteads to Kapaa.

But we don’t have the money to fix our infrastructure though it gets pounded daily by increasing numbers of visitors. We get all kinds of talk about all the tax income resulting from so many visitors. It’s not a drop in the bucket toward their damage and results in tax increases for residents.

No, Trump’s tax bill is not a positive for most of Kauai’s residents. Any little extra reaped from it, sunsets in a few short years while our national debt is increased. And it’s peanuts compared to the corporate tax cuts, i.e. resorts, car rental companies, among others, which do not sunset.

Spare us the, wouldn’t it be bad if people didn’t want to move here? Are we in preschool? We live here because it’s home and we love it regardless of the financial difficulties. Certainly not because other people like it and definitely not because it’s packed with too many visitors and especially not because some of them want to move here.

Paulo Tambolo, Wailua Homesteads

  1. Steve Martin February 17, 2018 9:48 am Reply

    Mr. Tambolo…. I can see you wouldn’t make a good candidate for any change. All you know how to do is blame everything on everybody else besides yourself. You are a chronic whiner of things that bother you, and always show the lack of the creativity to the solutions to make things better. And one more thing speak for yourself on Trumps tax bill, contrary to what you believe millions are doing far better because of it.

  2. Craig Millett February 18, 2018 9:05 am Reply

    Right on, brother!

  3. PauloT February 19, 2018 4:56 pm Reply

    Craig and Steve you are right, my past comments about getting the HTA to stop promoting Kauai were not constructive for the tourism industry who prefers to pack em in and rack up the dollars while we are squeezed out of our own island. We should be glad more visitors arrive month over month and year over year. Because the more the merrier right? Let’s just accept it. Money talks.

    And as far as the tax bill being a good thing and helping people, it’s helping the wealth holders and it’s increasing the deficit to do that. The rank and file person, is getting a very small increase, if anything and that too is increasing the deficit. Looking at the long range results, instead of the short term gain in both cases, we have a feel good boondoggle with the tax bill and a selling out of Kauai with the other.

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