Kani Wildlife Control offers solutions for eradicating unwanted wildlife

  • Photo courtesy Kaniela Young

    A family of young pigs was recently trapped by Kani Wildlife Control on agricultural land in Mana on the Westside.

  • Photo courtesy Janoah Young

    Kaniela Young shows his son, Elika, 4, the catch of the day for Kani Wildlife Control in Kekaha.

  • John Steinhorst / The Garden Island

    Kani Wildlife Control’s Kaniela Young, Janoah Young and Francis “Bully” Mission, from left, are helping reduce numbers of invasive wildlife on Kauai.

KEKAHA — Invasive wildlife continues to plague the Hawaiian Islands by decimating endemic species, expediting erosion and causing costly damage. However, one Kauai business is aiming to control the problem.