Case of shackled kids revives home-school regulation debate

In this Friday, Jan. 26, 2018 photo, artist and author Maybeth Morales, left, leads a home school art class for her grandchildren as her daughter Chemay Morales-James, right, and son-in-law Shane, center, watch in Watertown, Conn. Reports that 13 malnourished siblings allegedly held captive by their parents were home-schooled has others who educate their children at home bracing for calls for more oversight of the practice, a reaction they say would unfairly punish families. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

Just over a week after California officials found 13 malnourished siblings allegedly held captive and apparently not missed by schools because they were being home-schooled, home-schooling advocates say they are bracing for calls for stricter oversight of the practice.