Letter for Sunday, January 21, 2018

Less crying ‘wolf’ and more aloha

The liberal media has been at war against Donald Trump. We hear non-stop that Trump is scheming with the Russians, has dementia, is insane, is a racist, etc. Added together, the attacks are getting comical.

These attacks are not likely to hurt Trump. Many voters specifically wanted someone who was not afraid of the media and the alligators in the swamp. As he stands up to these bullies, these voters will like him even more.

There is also a kind of sympathy factor. Imagine a fellow student named Donald who acts a bit rude in the school cafeteria. Human nature is to dislike such a person. Now, imagine that another group of students react by beating up Donald and smashing his face into his food. The crowd sympathies will naturally change in Donald’s favor.

Trump may not be hurt, but there is a real danger in what is happening. Our freedom from tyranny is a rare privilege in human history. An honest media has an important role in protecting us.

I have not seen Trump do anything against our constitution. Yet, the media is falsely crying “wolf” over and over again. If a real tyrant comes, we may find ourselves with no credible voice left to warn us.

Why is the media diminishing its own credibility? The answer is that these attacks fuel controversy, which attracts eyeballs and increases profits. I would not be surprised if the media moguls on both sides of the debates are toasting each other on their yachts. Americans are being fleeced as we are baited into more and more contentious strife, to increase profits for them.

I suggest we try not to be so easily manipulated. Let’s all show lots of aloha to our friends on the other sides of the political debates.

Mark Beeksma, Koloa


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