The ‘Outsiders’ are in

John Steinhorst/The Garden Island Island School Theatre Company's Peggy Ellenburg and Alice April prepare the stage props for rehearsal on Tuesday.

Island School students rehearse for “The Outsiders” performance this weekend.

The hospital scene was filled with emotion by students from left Sierra Dias, Jadie April and Aspen Wolfgang.

“The Outsiders” dream scene includes Island School students from left Max Movighar, James Triplett, Jadie April and Paulina Do.

Island School students Max Movighar, Jaden April and James Triplett rehearse their parts for “The Outsiders” performance.

Island School senior Hannah Whelan, mentor Chris “Angus” Sweitzer and sophomore Leimomi Rosa work on lights and sound for the weekend performance.

Students Jadie April, Sierra Dias and Cassie Rector practice their stage presence for “The Outsiders” play.

The rumble scene was a favorite for students from left lying down Cassie Rector, Pierce Bivens, Jadie April and kneeling left Katherine Polzin, and standing from left Paulina Do, Maria Grigarova, Max Movaghar and Sierra Dias.

Island School students Jadie April, Max Movighar, James Triplett and Paulina Do rehearse their lines in preparation of the weekend performance.

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