Letters for Thursday, October 19, 2017

• Hawaii should stop allowing dumping of untreated sewage • Coulter’s rants at least force us to stay sharp

Hawaii should stop allowing dumping of untreated sewage

Thanks for Alan Parachini’s article (TGI, Oct. 1) about the generous free offer to help Hanalei property owners upgrade their sewage disposal. I think the take-home message of his article is: It is always cheaper to pollute. Always. There are certain areas where government must step in and say: No, you may not pollute, sorry, we know you will save money, but the rest of us will suffer from your pollution.

Hanalei is built on a historic wetland, every flush of the toilet, goes into the ground and eventually into the nearest body of water. Hawaii is the most backward state in the U.S. when it comes to treating sewage. Our main industry depends on clean, beautiful beaches, but the government does not demand that we treat our sewage. “Too expensive.”

No sane property owner will spend $15,000 to do the right thing and not be a polluter when everyone else is polluting. That is a lot of money to be a good citizen. Hawaii must enter the 20th century (that’s right 20th century) and make it illegal to dump your untreated sewage into the ground. Yep, it will cost more, but in the long run, pollution doesn’t benefit anyone.

Gordon LaBedz, Kekaha

Coulter’s rants at least force us to stay sharp

So see, exposing us to the magnificent brilliance of Ann Coulter does make one think. Republicans have striven to create the fiction that Obamacare is a “disaster.” She cites “millions … thrown off their insurance plans, or they’re getting the exact same plan … at 10 times the price.”

Any actual evidence to support these statements would be nice. Real numbers say fewer uninsured than ever, including 20 million more with insurance. She insists that “Republicans need to put faces to Americans” hurt by Obamacare, but when they actually did put out a call for horror stories they were instead flooded with success stories. Never heard much more about that one. Maybe Ann missed that.

Also, “the whole country has been screaming for malpractice reform for decades.” The sufferers of malpractice have certainly not been among that huge group never revealed. Her blatant racism allows her to refer to “English speaking doctors” and her ties to self serving Republicans allow her to refer to the proposed “alternatives” as “decent health insurance,‘“when it has empirically been demonstrated to be much worse for those who really need it.

Keeps us sharp to periodically get to read the musings of this champion of mean. Mahalo.

Frank Marone, Kapaa


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