Vv – Freedom with discernment

Handwriting clearly reveals the degree of freedom a writer has in self-expression, emotional direction, and in pursuing practical wisdom and knowledge.

There are many interpretations regarding the meaning of freedom. An in-depth understanding of freedom is offered by the powerful and courageous winged creature, the eagle. It is recognized as being singular in its capacity to fly closest to the sun, the illuminated Star representing wisdom.

The eagle reminds you to soar to the heights of your potential. It calls your attention to pursue the wisdom that illuminates your path that guides you in meeting and accomplishing that which is your potential in this life experience.

Freedom is the quality you have to make choices that are graced with honor, integrity, discernment and discretion. These attributes reflect the wisdom of the symbolic illuminating Star.

The letter “Vv,” shaped like a bird in flight, reminds you of your capacity to soar to the heights of personal values, self-knowledge, creative expression, and service. The shape of the letter also indicates that the choices you make be beneficial, reviewed and discerned with wisdom.

In handwriting, the angular lower portion of the letter “Vv” represents the quality of discernment. With this quality you can perceive clearly the choices to make that will advance your self-knowledge and your part in the big picture of progressive evolution.

The archetype of the letter “Vv” encourages you to acknowledge freedom as a gift. It is an inherited right to be honored and cherished. Used with discretion, freedom is the golden key to an adventurous life and a bright spirit.

Education, whether in the home, academic circles, or in community gatherings, is to promote understanding of the law that governs the use of freedom. The archetype of the letter “Vv” emphasizes that participants are to learn that freedom implies responsibility. When the power of freedom is directed toward improving environmental conditions, creating harmonious relationships, and enhancing family and community bonding, the law of goodness takes precedence. This law provides, in a beneficial way, that which brings happiness. The law, “as you sow, so shall you reap,” is always in motion and is unalterable.

A concluding message of the letter “Vv” is: remember to soar to the heights of illuminating wisdom in all situations and at all times.


Angeline Welk of Princeville is a professional handwriting analyst. She writes this regular column for The Garden Island and maintains a website at http://ourlivingalphabet.com. She can be reached at alefangel@gmail.com


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