Sometimes, you just have to say, what the heck

Our favorite mentors (winks to Fred, also Jeff!) have always had the best advice whenever we have been faced with trials and tribulations from people. “**** ‘em!”

Mark Manson, author/blogger from New York, frankly expounds on those heartfelt words, delivering reality with a smack of a baseball bat thankfully followed with a chaser of humor throughout this newly-released book.

“In life, we have a limited amount of ****s to give. So you must choose your ****s wisely.”

How much of our lives are taken up with meaningless things that ultimately have nothing to with lasting happiness and yet are actually affecting the quality of our lives?

Do you get swept up in the crazy events depicted in the news which you can really do nothing about, both at home and abroad?

Does your workload and deadlines of your job add stress and pressure which cause you to worry even after work?

Maintaining peace in our lives depends on us paying attention to the things in our lives that truly matter and actually contribute to our well-being, to what really makes us happy, not what we think should bring us happiness.

Like the book says, the counterintuitive nature of “Subtle Art” is really understanding that life isn’t perfect and never will be. Pretending that we can or should do everything in our power to make our life or the world perfect for us, or thinking we are great when everything around us indicates otherwise—if that thinking hasn’t been working, this book is for you.

As Mark Manson points out, positive thinking isn’t supposed to be avoiding the things that trouble you.

“Happiness comes from solving problems…true happiness occurs only when you find the problems you enjoy having and enjoy solving,”

Give this break-out bestseller a read and experience what happens next!


Ed and Cynthia Justus are owners of The Bookstore in Hanapape.


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