Letters for Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017

• Japanese-American veterans deserve our gratitude • We are what we eat, and we eat a lot • Democrats best option for united country

Japanese-American veterans deserve our gratitude

Kudos to Dennis Fujimoto for his informative interview of World War II veteran Clinton Shiraishi (The Garden Island, Aug. 20, 2017). The upcoming “Unlikely Liberators” exhibit at the Kauai Veterans Center from Sept. 5 to 27 is a perfect opportunity to recognize the valiant Japanese-American veterans like Mr. Shiraishi who served in the European Theater during World War II.

Notably, these warriors fought on two fronts — against the enemies of America, and against the prejudice of their own countrymen.

It is timely to recall how they risked life and limb to fight bigotry and white supremacy. Many of those who came home, like Clinton Shiraishi, and the late Senator Daniel K. Inouye, became successful professionals and leaders who continued to serve and achieve in remarkable ways, paving the way for all who followed. That’s why Tom Brokaw called them “the greatest generation.”

We owe Mr. Shiraishi and his fellow veterans a deep sense of gratitude.

JoAnn Yukimura, Lihue

We are what we eat, and we eat a lot

In my 50s, I faced a new problem of being overweight. This year, I started counting calories and lost about five pounds.Counting calories is a great way to learn the impact of various foods and exercises. However, it gets tedious.

This summer, I heard about intermittent fasting. I nicknamed my version the 7-11 plan. It is simply not eating after 7 p.m. orbefore 11 a.m.

This daily, 16-hour fast has helped a lot of people lose weight. I think it is relatively easy to do. I have already lost a few morepounds.

Humans are adapted to live on a food supply that is limited or irregular. When food is available, we naturally eat more than weneed. The problem is that now food is always available.

Many say that having one alcoholic drink per day is fine. However, for those wanting to drink less, it is easier to not drink atall than to stop at one drink. In a similar way, it is easier to not eat at all in the late evening and early morning than it is tostop eating once we start.

You can adjust the timing, length and strictness of your daily fast for your own needs and preferences.

Eating too much is the cause of so many common medical problems. This plan may be a relatively easy way to enjoy moreyears and healthier years of life with our loved ones.

Mark Beeksma, Koloa

Democrats best option for united country

I have a short message to all of my anti-Hillary “friends” out there.

If you didn’t vote in the last election, or if you voted for anyone except Hillary Clinton, you are responsible for the currentsituation in our country. You may disagree, but it is true and as bitter as that pill is to swallow it is best to swallow and moveon.

We need to unite in our country against what’s going on, and our best chance is the Democratic party. As wimpy as thecurrent national leadership is, there are a lot of good people who identify as Democrats, and we need to unite under that “bigtent” that we used to hear so much about.

We are in serious trouble right now, and if we don’t set aside our differences I am afraid for our future. And please don’t callme an “anti-fascist,” as I really don’t like that word. I like to think of myself as a Nazi resister.

Allan B. White, Hanapepe


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