Letters for Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017

• Let your voices be heard • Miss the food of days gone by

Let your voices be heard

A nation of strong and weak. A nation of encouragement to all.

We grew as a young nation to become the world’s most admired nation.

The Civil War, assassinations of President Lincoln and President Kennedy, and the killings of Martin Luther King and Robert “Bobby” Kennedy were tragic occurrences in the nation’s history.

I remember the strength of Rosa Parks.

The young leaders that denounce “Bigotry and Shame” can be heard loud with clarity.

Senator Brain Schatz has condemned the hatred.

America began taking responsibility for its racism and grew from slavery to freedom.

Our nation’s people have another chapter of ugliness from which to heal.

This time the nation has the capability to heal and hear from the voices of the great-great-grandchildren of those generations that lived with slavery and hatred.

A dictatorial vision, that of greed and avarice, is no different than that of Hitler’s and the death of millions because of their heritage. The Jewish people held hands and wept.

Statements of what “we” should do as a people are important. We need leaders with a moral vision, but it must also be about what each of us individually can do to reject the nasty, unhinged, selfishness and racism of President Trump. We must examine our own abilities and contribute our voices and talents to healing our our nation. I will honor the tremendous strength and bravery of children and adults who placed their lives in jeopardy to heal our nation. I will voice from my heart what I have learned from the great leaders of my lifetime: Nelson Mandela, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

I encourage your voices to be heard.

I encourage your grace to enable those in need.

I encourage your wisdom to be shared.

I encourage your sense of fairness.

I encourage sharing your faith.

I encourage you to carry the banner of freedom our forefathers and foremothers.

Ronald Horoshko, Kalaheo

Miss the food of days gone by

I must ask a question that has been on my mind for several years. I have been a guest on Kauai, The Big Island and Mauiseveral times and recommended Kauai to friends. I recently recommended Kauai to a friend for his honeymoon. What struckme is that he talked about how good of time he had, but his only complaint was what I have noticed and others have noticed.

The food at restaurants is of poor quality. It amazes me that I can get better farm to table food in Indiana that I can get on theislands. Yes I know I can not get fish like I can get on the islands. I always go to the farmers markets and buy their produceand I am always happy.

But if you go to a restaurant in most cases the food is not from farm-to-table. It is trucked in produce and meats that I canget anywhere. So my question is why? I know am a tourist but years ago on Kauai it was not this way. I also know that thecrowds are larger than they were years ago. I accept that but I must tell the truth most restaurants are serving overpriced foodthat has no connection to the history of the island or to the farmers or fishermen of the island. I remember when it was thisway and I for one miss it.

Michael Slaven, Morristown, Indiana


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