Letters for Thursday, August 3, 2017

• Koloa Landing marine life doing fine • Not so easily entertained

Koloa Landing marine life doing fine

The Garden Island covered one man’s opinion about Koloa Landing when announcing a public meeting set for Aug. 1.

Any diver who frequents Koloa Landing, knows there is an abundance of marine life at this dive site, including many eels, angelfish, (and best of all) there are lots of baby yellow tang that can be seen scattered across the reef.

Marine life populations change because of our changing coral reefs. Over the past few years our reefs deteriorated. Without a reef, there’d be no abundance of marine life, especially harlequin shrimp, eels, angelfish, and yellow tang.

This year, I’ve personally witnessed coral spawning and hundreds of baby corals across the reef. I’ve also seen plenty of yellow tang!

The Aug. 1 article states, “Divers are also seeing a decline of frog fish at Koloa Landing.” This is not true. I’m a diver at Koloa Landing and this year there have been more frog fish spotted than any other year since I’ve been diving.

A public meeting is a good idea, especially so all divers can share information and get on the same page. Mistruths about Koloa Landing are being spread and that behavior is nonsense.

Heidi Wolfgang, Kalaheo

Not so easily entertained

I woke up this morning to read how “entertained” James “Kimo” Rosen is of the current administration. I remember how he touted his support for Donald Trump throughout the campaign.

I, however, am not entertained. In fact, I’m broken-hearted, waking each morning to see American values and civil liberties eroded and our place as leader of the free world abdicated.

A madman as Commander-In-Chief who has escalated the conflict with nuclear North Korea is not entertaining to me.

The administration working effortlessly and daily to take away healthcare from tens of millions of people and raise premiums for others in not entertaining to me.

Families containing otherwise law-abiding working-class undocumented people are torn apart daily by deportations handled with no care or discernment. This isn’t entertaining to me.

A justice department that has already diminished its enforcement of the Civil Rights Act and even yesterday weighed in that me being gay no longer protects me or others from workplace discrimination isn’t entertaining.

Daily mounting evidence that the current administration actively colluded with Russia to attack the sovereignty of our elections—the very foundation of democracy in America—isn’t entertaining to me.

A first family blatantly ignoring the nepotism, ethics standards and emoluments clause of the Constitution to personally enrich themselves isn’t entertaining to me.

The President and draft-dodger tweeting yesterday that a minimum of 6,000 active US troops are no longer welcome in the US military because they are transgendered isn’t entertaining.

That the President has damaged strategic alliances that took decades and even centuries to build for America while cozying up to strongmen and dictators around the world is not entertaining to me.

And I must stop here because The Garden Island isn’t big enough to contain all the tragedies that happen every day from the candidate Mr. Rosen voted for.

I’m just hoping the horror movie comes to an end soon.

Jason Blake, Puhi


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