Letters for Saturday, July 22, 2017

• Republicans, Democrats both display questionable behavior • Anger misdirected

Republicans, Democrats both display questionable behavior

John Dreisch wrote in a July 15 guest opinion piece:

“I don’t recall, in eight years of Clinton and eight years of Obama, ever hearing anything like the hate and lies you hear every day from the left, the Hollywood idiots (if you pay any attention to them, you’re as big a fool) and mass media.”

Oh really, Mr. Dreisch? I suppose you weren’t born yet when Ted Nugent said Obama could suck on his gun?

You were in a coma for the images of Obama hanging from a noose in effigy?

You were under a rock when Michelle Obama was referred to as “an ape in high heels,” when people questioned her gender, or when people questioned the president’s sexuality?

You were living on another planet when the CURRENT OFFICE HOLDER led an EIGHT-YEAR CAMPAIGN to question the birthplace of the duly elected president at the time?

Or perhaps you simply didn’t care about any of these because you were quite OK with such trashy behavior?

I am a moderate Progressive, and I don’t care for Hooser either, but it is most certainly not because of his comments on SCROTUS (So-Called Ruler of the United States — I refuse to call him president as he refuses to act like one).

Michael Mann, Lihue

Anger misdirected

John Dreisch’s letter concerning Gary Hooser was about his perception of Gary with little to do with Hooser’s politics.

Dreisch focused on anger and rage, of course Hooser’s and not his.

He states that Hooser has no respect for the office of president. I suspect that Gary respects the office and has little respectfor the person who presently holds that office. Many in the country feel that way. My wife and I have been fortunate to spendtime in Europe since the presidential election. The consensus expressed to us is that Trump is a poor representative of ourcountry. He is seen as untrustworthy and a liar.

I fear that those who supported him will be disappointed when his promises are not kept.

Jan C. Rudinoff, Lihue


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