Letters for Friday, June 2, 2017

• Be ready to use AED, know CPR • Learning well about more than test scores

Be ready to use AED, know CPR

I don’t work in the ER 24/7 so maybe there are other cases that I don’t know about. What I do know is that in the last month I have personally been involved with four people who collapsed in the community, their heart stopped, they needed CPR, two of them needed to be defibrillated with an AED, and all four walked out of the hospital smiling and with their families.

Out-of-hospital personnel involved in these cases included lifeguards, firefighters, bystanders, and family members. My ER job was easy, they all had a pulse when they got to me. At issue with 3three of them was whether they’d fully recover their brain function, and they all did.

These great outcomes seem to me to be very different from earlier in my career, when outcomes tended to be dismal. I think the difference is because of (a) high performance CPR and the increasing number of people who know how to do it and (b) the increasing availability of AEDs.

Please take some time to google about high performance CPR, or better yet take a course. You can call the American Red Cross (245-4919) for information about courses. And if you want an AED in your workplace or shopping mall, please contact Hanalei Rotarian Dr. Jeff Goodman at 828-1470. It’s really fun to save a life.

Monty Downs, M.D., Wilcox Hospital ER

Learning well about more than test scores

Kudos to the attempt to bring needed re-focusing to the purposes and intents of education, which was once a pathway for the privileged.

Today, it is the highway for the masses, and as such, there needs to be a shift to place emphasis on nurturing each student to encourage one’s well-being and abilities to inter-act with others compassionately and respectfully as well as to develop personal skills, interests, talents and abilities! Be innovative!

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. To continue to focus on grades and test scores is only going to perpetuate the distinction between academic success and failure according to grades and test scores. That, unto itself, is not education!

So, to all of you “in charge” and all of you “involved” in education as a parent, teacher, student, or bystander — get with it and be a part of the challenge to make your education interesting and worthwhile!

You should be a part of the solution to that challenge!

Jose Bulatao, Jr. (retired teacher), Kekaha


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