Letters for Sunday, May 28, 2017

• Cartoonists not being fair to Trump • Thank you, Annaleah, for your vision

Cartoonists not being fair to Trump

I’m in full agreement with Bob Bartolo’s letter regarding the over-the-top liberal bias of TGI’s cartoonists. It’s abundantly clear that TGI could/should change its name to the Bash Trump Press. My copy of the TGI might soon be used to line my kitty litter box instead of being used as a fish wrapper, if this crap keeps up.

Despite the fact that this country has just endured eight years of the most divisive, scandalous, hate America first, led-from-behind administration in this nation’s history, all the while, nothing but praise from the left.

Of course, the depths to which the media have sunk, both print and television, have contributed to this country’s tragic decline. It appears that if it’s bad for America, the liberals are all for it. Free speech, national security, prosperity, rule of law, traditional marriage, Christmas, religion, education etc. … are all under assault from the left.

I’m still waiting for one of those liberals to explain why they haven’t relocated to Venezuela, Cuba or any other Third World, poverty-stricken dictatorship where food shortages, political oppression, state -controlled media are the norm.

I’m one of many, here on Kauai, that is ecstatic to finally have a president that loves this country and all it stands for. America’s best days might still be ahead …

Bernard Verkaaik, Kapaa

Thank you, Annaleah, for your vision

Where there is no vision, the people perish, a familiar quote from the Bible, is a reminder that unless we emerge from the patriarchal box we have been in for 5,000 years, we will destroy our planet. Our “belief in separation” from source, each other, our spirit identity and Mother Earth has caused all the misery on the planet.

The United States invaded Hawaii and the queen signed to avoid more bloodshed … hardly consensual, Steve Martin. Might does not make right. Power, control and greed has not worked for everyone. It is in dreaming, and imagining a better world that works for everyone that can enlist the power of love and light in awakened hearts that can bring the paradise we truly desire.

It takes vision and willingness to change the power and control programming we have been subjected to. And it takes imagination. Hold the vision and allow a New Earth to emerge. I applaud the courage of the Hawaiian squatters reclaiming their land at Coco Palms. Let’s help and not hinder the vision that Annaleah shared.

Let the heart be the master; then the mind becomes a useful servant. Law is meant to serve all people.

Petra Sundheim, Lihue


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