Letters for Friday, May 19, 2017

• America first not a bad thing • Response to prayers have a lot of options

America first not a bad thing

In response to Mr. Maislin’s letter (TGI, Forum, Ya 13) about the wall. Actually, I believe you cherry-picked some of Mr. Rosen’s ideas. Perhaps you do not want any wall. That’s your opinion, but to trivialize Mr. Rosen’s ideas is so typical of the way our country has degraded … demonize, trivialize and vilify anyone with a different opinion.

What he said is use the money from El Chapo for one and all the money we confiscate from illegal cartels, use creative ways to pay for it like buying comparative bricks or ads in the paper.

We need to keep our country free of the drugs coming from Mexico and Central America. We just lost a dear friend’s son from a heroin overdose. It is rampant in NY and I’m sure it is in Connecticut as well.

Protect our people and secure our borders … what is so terrible about protecting American citizens first? If you don’t agree, then at least be courteous enough to realize that other people do not all share your opinion.

God Bless and protect America!

Rene Kontos, Buffalo, N.Y.

Response to prayers have a lot of options

“Thou doth protest too much” Bettejo Dux (TGI, Forum, May 12).

You say you don’t believe in God. I suspect your definition of God is the patriarchal one of a male entity separate from us. We have had 5,000 years of programming in egomind based power, control and greed. Master teachers have come and left behind teachings that have been helpful or not, depending on the perceptions and interpretations of the one who hears them.

A major effect of patriarchal programming causing most of the pain on the planet is our “belief in separation”— separation from source/God, from nature and from each other.

Many in these religions have subscribed to a re-definition of God known as God is Love, which finds a heart connection with all beings regardless of differences in beliefs. You might try that one. With that definition, you are as I am and I am as you are.

A great master said, “Teach only Love, for that is what you are.” He also said, “I am that, I AM.” If we are stuck in the belief that we are our bodies, we will have a problem accepting the One Self we are. This is the ascension in consciousness, our mother earth is telling us in her ascension through her increasing spikes in frequency, which is affecting our energy as well.

Listening to the heart’s intuition and forgiving all our misperceptions can bring us the peace, love, and joy we really want. J also said, “Let the heart be the master; and the mind then becomes a useful servant. Allow a new perception; it can give you a new experience. Surrender the limited egomind to the I Am in your Love chakra and enjoy the God I Am.”

Petra Sundheim, Lihue


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