Letters for May 11, 2017

• Crime is not the reason for an uptick in sale of firearms • Health care plan will hurt older Americans • Proposed tax would penalize tourists

Crime is not the reason for an uptick in sale of firearms

In an article dated May 9, 2017, entitled “Firearms sales on Kauai soar,” Mr. Jason Bryant, owner of JGB Arms stated he believes there are two reasons for the uptick in sales of firearms on Kauai. The first being home invasions and drug-related crime observed by the public are higher than ever, and either there is more criminal activity on island or the criminal element is more brazen and operating in a more visible fashion.

While I do respect the opinions of Mr. Bryant, an analysis of crime rates and crime trends on Kauai from 2012 to 2016 reveals that crime is the lowest point in five years, and the lowest in the state of Hawaii.

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting statistics: Part I Offenses is down by 55 percent (homicide, sex assault, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft and arson), and Part II Offenses is down by 22 percent (simple assaults, fraud, vandalism, drug abuse, and the like).

I wanted to make it clear that the reason(s) for the purchase of more firearms is not because of crime, but instead it is based on individual choice — pure and simple, let’s not complicate matters, or spread false narratives to alarm the public. Mahalo.

Darryl D. Perry, Chief of Police

Health care plan will hurt older Americans

Can someone rationally explain how removing $850 billion from federally subsidized health-care to support a 17 percent corporate tax reduction to the richest 2 percent can possibly do anything but leave out most of America to do anything but roll over and die?

The maniac Trump-Ryan combo seems to believe move is what will “make America great again!”

If you are over 50, most folks will not be able to buy insurance under the new GOP plan. If you think your employer will pay for it, think again.

Under their insidious plan, the employer has the right to fire you if they don’t want to pay the up to five times increased insurance for older Americans. Of course they will fire you! Can we wake up and impeach this dictator?

Carla Harringer, Kapaa

Proposed tax would penalize tourists

As a frequent visitor to the Islands, I have been following Oahu’s rail project for the past decade. It’s disappointing to see the Legislature fail (again) to make responsible decisions on funding. Don’t pay the Legislature if they can’t get their job done.

It’s equally disappointing to see that there are some who favor a ridiculous and dangerous increase to the transit tax. From 9 percent to 11.5 percent is a 28 percent hike! Soak the tourists?

Visitors might make up 3 percent of the eventual ridership on these trains, while the real purpose is for residents to commute to work. How can the leaders in Hawaii morally reconcile shifting another financial burden onto those visiting the state?

Rick Kern, Incline Village, NV


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