Letters for Sunday, May 7, 2017

• Safety check rule is silly • Science and Google searches

Safety check rule is silly

I recently tried to get a safety check at three different stations, but all refused when they looked at my vehicle. The rules of the road state that the fenders must cover the entire width of the tire tread. I own a 14-year-old car and the tire treads protrude 1 inch from the wheel wells and always have.

I’ve gotten tires replaced several times through the years, and was never cautioned of the DOT fender rule by the tire sellers.

Now that Hawaii safety checks require a photo be taken from the front of the vehicle, safety check stations can’t get away with passing you anymore because the photo makes them liable for vehicles in violation of the rule. Interestingly, one place suggested that I buy $1,000 stock tires and have them put on for the inspection, then after I pass, I could put the tires back on that I really wanted to drive around in and store the tires at my home for use each year at my annual safety check.

I decided to get some fender flares installed instead (because this is a much more honest and permanent solution). This has created a lot of hassle and unnecessary expense. As I drive around Kauai, I notice most vehicles with tires protruding at least 4 to 6 inches from the wheel wells must be switching out stock tires each year to pass their safety checks. So the rule is ineffective to the biggest offenders of it.

Ani Turner, Kalaheo

Science and Google searches

Thanks for the nice April 26 article by Jessica Else about Dow Chemical’s challenging the EPA’s science. Dow says that theirscientists found that their poisons are safe. EPA scientists disagree. In the same paper the FDA is warning folks about fakecancer treatments on the Internet.

I went to the March for Science. I was proud of our island to see so many people advocate for science.

I was a family physician and my entire career I advocated science. I warned my colleagues not to accept advertisementsinstead of science. A lot of folks (and doctors) are unaware how unscientific American medicine has become.

It is difficult for the average citizen to know who is advocating science and who is just trying to sell their product. At themarch there were a few folks praising immunizations, genetic engineering and chemical poisons (pesticides.) One sign said,“Facts Not Fear.”

Facts are not easy to come by nowadays. Most Americans with diplomas are still scientifically illiterate. Scientists are easilybought and paid for. I have always recommended Google searches.

When someone tells you “Science says fact A,” just Google the scientist who says “fact Z, not fact A.” You probably will neverfind the truth, but at least your eyes will be open.

Gordon LaBedz, MD, Koloa


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