Letters for Tuesday, April 25, 2017

• Together we can change Kauai for the better • Hawaii more like New Zealand

Together, we can change Kauai for the better

I felt compelled into writing this letter in The Garden Island for the entire community who choose to realize how important is it to function for the greater good, as an entire unit, power in numbers.

Over the past four years, I have had the most life-changing experience I never imagined possible. In the beginning, I was lost, lonely and scared, never had I truly felt the need for someone, anyone. I was left with myself.

Since then, I just started believing in myself. Although in my situation, which I felt was isolated, it started to become easy to rise above the negativity that kept me down or dwelling in the pain. In the second week of April, my eyes were opened again. Only this was the most single heart-wrenching experience I’ve had.

A few days earlier, while at one of the most respected resource centers on the Westside, a gentleman I had known was escorted out because of his extremely loud and offensive language. Automatically, I became irritated and judgmental. Everyone reacted in basically the same manner. After leaving I never put any thought into him or anything of that nature. It wasn’t until I was riding my bike someone called my name. I turned and approached them, realizing it was a friend of mine. She was talking with the same man. Again, he was rattling on and on.

He explained about living with a head injury and his age. I began to cry. It wasn’t anything I was wanting to relate to. But in reality, I knew that pain, that anger, that desperation and that bondage.

All of a sudden, I remember when my pastor had said to me, “Have a voice for all these with none.” I didn’t quite understand what he meant. Thankfully, I have an angel who keeps me fighting when in danger of bondage. There is no escaping my responsibilities, but am sure I just have to tell my story.

I realize when it comes to change, it takes the entire community to recognize a positive approach versus a negative one.

The media has always first come to mind. The working class make up the most powerful and the most effective group to make a change. You guys, please, it’s gonna take all of us. Let’s take pride in this community. Love and understanding require the most powerful of tools, more than diamonds and gold. Bring Kauai back, we just have to want it and believe. After all, it’s God’s country.

Edie Barsch, Westside

Hawaii more like New Zealand

The people of Hawaii should consider whether they are a better fit for the United States or New Zealand. As only one New Zealander, I cannot speak for our country. However, I do suspect that if Hawaii wanted to become part of New Zealand, New Zealand would seriously consider the possibility.

I think you would agree that in terms of culture and values you are more like New Zealand than you are like the rest of the United States. And we would not have a problem with the concept of a Pacific island being part of our country. I switched from being part of the United States to being part of New Zealand.

I do suggest that Hawaii give some thought to doing the same. Of course, this would be a big step and should not be taken lightly. It would probably be good for some of you to visit the US Mainland (may I suggest flying United Airlines) and New Zealand (may I suggest flying Air New Zealand). Comparison after visiting both might help you decide.

Paul H. Demchick, Palmerston North, New Zealand


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