Kauai man to compete for $25,000 in Isabody Challenge

Randie Peters is an Isagenix Isabody Finalist.

It wasn’t easy getting there.

The company has hundreds of thousands of associates worldwide eligible to compete. Tens of thousands completed a four-month judging period.

Then, it was narrowed to 1,000.

Then to 500.

And then, 15.

Now, comes the rewards. Cash, paid trips and prizes.

The winner will receive $25,000 at the finals in Las Vegas in August. The runner-up, $10,000.

“It’s hard to believe I was picked,” Peters said. “A soon to be 61-year-old that’s having fun enjoying life. I’m pretty excited about it.”

While Peters will be competing against a younger generation, he is undaunted.

“I’m one of the old guys. I’ve got to keep up with them,” he said.

Hold his own, he will.

The 5-11 Peters has 169 pounds on his well-defined frame, showing off chiseled abs and pecs. He works out daily, follows a diet that includes Isagenix meal replacements, protein shakes and energy bars and drinks.

He is, says his wife Kathy, herself an Isabody finalist two years ago, “steadfast.”

“The king of consistency is what we call him,” she said.

Isagenix representative and Kauai personal trainer Jane Riley described Randie Peters with two words: Focus and tenacity.

“He has long-term vision and then does all he can to achieve that goal,” Riley said.


Work smart

It wasn’t quite that way four years ago. Then, the Kauai man took a good look at himself in the mirror — naked — and didn’t like what he saw.

Not at all.

“At age 57 is when I realized I need to make changes in my life,” he said, “Because I had no muscle definition. I was tired most of the time going to the gym, forget it. I wouldn’t even think about going to the gym.”

“That was my aha moment,” he continued. “I remember saying, “I’ve got to make a change here because I don’t like what I’m seeing.”

Four years later, Peters said he is “100 percent” in the best shape of his life. Stronger, faster, more energy.

And he didn’t lift any weights to get there.

He’s a believer in push ups, handstands, stretching, training devices like grips and rings he keeps in his “bag of tricks,” and, of course, planks. He’s known for his ability to hold planks for a long time. He planked for as long as 26 minutes, and earlier this year, won the national Make-A-Wish Plank Challenge.

His focus is on a strong core.

“What I’ve found, you don’t need to work really, really hard,” Peters said. “You just need to work smart.”

While he has a gym at home, he prefers to workout — 45 minutes or so — at the Kauai Athletic Club. Not because it has better equipment, but because there are people.

Peters loves chatting about training and diet and sharing what he knows.

“I go there to motivate people,” he said.



Peters recalled that Kathy was using Isagenix products before he tried them. He quickly liked how they made him feel and added them to his diet. Soon, Kathy told him to buy his own.

Today, both are representatives of the company.

“It’s 100 percent part of me. I live and breathe it,” Peters said. “I’ve seen what it’s done for so many people and I’ve seen what it’s done for me.”

“We’re proud we present it,” Kathy added.

They don’t push Isagenix, she said, but when asked, will proudly explain it.

“We want to help people who want to help themselves,” she said.

Randie likes to tell it this way: “You put it in your body and you be the judge.”

The Peters tend to eat fish, salad, steak, pizza (they like to make it at home) and have an occasional glass of wine. They avoid sugar, white flour and processed food. No soda. Ever.

“We try to eat very, very clean,” Randie said.

Their commitment to diet and exercise has paid off. Two years ago, Kathy was an Isabody Challenge finalist. Last year, Randie was honorable mention.

“This fabulous couple has made history with Isagenix as there has never been a couple in the history of the company who both have been selected as finalists,” Riley said. “They continue to put Kauai on the map as a big time player in a global company.”

She said Kathy and Randie are a great support team for each other and to anyone else interested in improving their life with Isagenix, whether it be through weight loss (Kathy’s specialty), energy and performance (Randie’s Specialty), healthy aging (they both are experts in that) or wealth creation.

“They are the models of encouragement and source of resources to become highly successful,” Riley wrote.

In Vegas this summer, Isabody Challenge finalists will take the stage in front of about 20,000 people and share their stories of how Isagenix helped transformed their lives.

Randy is ready.

“This is who I am,” he said.


Staying strong

Both love to see people succeed and do what they can to help them.

“It does your heart good,” Kathy said. “It’s a good, loving way to live.”

The two don’t often workout together, but do motivate and encourage each other.

“He’s always after me about my core,” said Kathy, who practices Pilates and yoga.

She added she has done an eight-minute plank — and it hurt.

“I thought I was going to die,” she said, smiling.

Randie is a believer in quality over quantity.

“If you can do one of anything, perfect, that’s good,” he said. “If you do 10 (sloppy), that’s not worthy anything. You’ve got to do it right.”

Nutrition is key to health, they say.

“You can’t out exercise your fork,” Kathy said.

They try for eight to nine hours of sleep each night and take naps if it works out. They don’t own a TV.

The results of all the dedication and discipline?

“We can keep up with the youngsters,” Kathy said.

And not only do they feel young, but look it.

“People look at Randie and go, ‘You’re how old?’ You should see him with his shirt off,” she added.

Randie said he started the Isabody Challenge as a way to maintain his health, plus, there was a bonus of a T-shirt and even some free products.

But it’s more.

“It’s conditioning your body for doing anything in life,” he said. “I’m liking how I’m feeling. I really am.”

“Plus, he’s super sweet,” a smiling Kathy added.


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