Letters for Tuesday, April 4, 2017

• Boycott not very aloha • Tax office clerks are outstanding • Dairy being unfairly targeted

Boycott not very aloha

We have vacationed on several of your lovely islands over the years and are always impressed by the natural beauty of this state and the natural friendliness of everyone we meet.

I was saddened to read a recent letter from a citizen visiting from Nebraska indicating he would be boycotting Hawaii due to the recent ruling of a Hawaiian judge against the Trump travel ban. He cites foreigners as having no rights in America, but fails to note that this has been clearly stated as a “Muslim” ban by Trump himself.

This type of ban is unconstitutional as outlined by our Founding Fathers and is definitely not in the aloha spirit so beautifully demonstrated in Hawaii. I would venture that this gentlemen fails to understand what the “aloha” spirit means.

My husband and I applaud the decision of the judge from Hawaii and will be returning many times to enjoying the beauty of this state.

Mary Scott and Emil Jarczynski, Scotia, N.Y.

Tax office clerks are outstanding

I’d like to agree with Mr. Hartsell about the clerks working in the state tax office. I had a particularly difficult circumstance recently. When the first clerk was unsure of the solution, the two other clerks were quick to assist her and made every effort to answer my questions. It’s not often these days to find such professionalism.

Edward Wagner, Kalaheo

Dairy being unfairly targeted

I am a fourth-generation farmer. I know the hard work that Ulupono Initiative is doing to bring back the dairy industry. Go to www.uluponoinitiative.com and see their only agenda is to help and support the people of Hawaii in all areas of sustainability.

I have watched as they are beaten down by the so called “corporate interest” companies such as the Grand Hyatt and other developers, saying the run off waste will contaminate water etc.

All milk is imported, local milk tainted, full of hormones. Do you want to continue to spend upwards of $5 to $8 a gallon of this, or fresh and nutritious grass fed milk, that will be cheaper?

The grass-fed dairy, (two miles away from nearest anything) has no smell, free range and cows comes into a ferris wheel to be milked once a day, and turned out to pasture. They are happy and treated humanely. No hormones, etc. No cages or run off. So why pick on the guys trying to bring back a sustainable culture to Kauai? Greed, more development of our precious land, versus our right for a healthy alternative.

Rosalie Pacheco, Lihue


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