Letters for Friday, March 31, 2017

• Keep politics at home • Boycotters, we don’t need you • Boycotters, we don’t need you • Boycott shows lack of understanding

Keep politics at home

Do not boycott Hawaii With reference to Mr. Spangler’s (March 19)) suggestion, I would like to suggest something better. Come and visit and enjoy beautiful Kauai and leave your politics at home.

Mickie Diamant, Koloa

Boycotters, we don’t need you

In a simplified response to Mr. Spangler’s intention of boycotting Hawaii, good for you. In case it escaped your notice, more people voted against Mr. Trump than for him.

And for every twit post asking for a Hawaii boycott, there are two others that will change their plans and visit Hawaii just because of our judge’s (rightful) decision. I’m sure you’d be happier at home anyway, waiting for the $2 billion border wall that Mexico is going to pay for.

And the ban to keep people “not like you” out of the US, especially the many dangerous and starving children and their mothers. Oops, looks like now Trump wants US to pay for the wall, and the feds are onto his truly evil intentions with his attempted Muslim bans. Sounds like the president is up to his ears in lies. Do you keep friends who lie to you?

I don’t. So I say again Mr. Spangler, stay in Nebraska with the rest of your like-minded friends. We don’t want or need your business. Besides, you probably wouldn’t like it here anyway. Too many “foreign looking” people.

Susan Straight, Waimea

Hawaii residents stand together

Mark Spangler, all I can say to your ridiculous letter of March 19 is “Thank you.” Please promise us that you will not be back. Such inexcusable arrogance on display for someone from Nebraska to write into a newspaper in Hawaii to threaten never to visit Hawaii again and make demands upon them!

A Carly Simon song comes to mind. What I find most egregious about this is that Republicans fancy themselves upholders of state’s rights. That seems to be of paramount importance to them. But it appears to be important only when there is a Democratic president and the state in question is red.

It is the height of arrogance for Republicans to think they can take the state of Hawaii hostage using tourism. Your lack of understanding about the people of Hawaii is apparent.

Please be aware that to many residents, you not wanting to come to Hawaii is actually music to the ears. You greatly underestimate the resilience of Hawaii residents, many of whom already deal on a day-to-day basis with the hardships of living here.

They’ve learned, out of necessity, to make do with less and to pull together to take care of each other. Your threat is nothing more than a challenge for Hawaii residents to show their mettle. And show it they will.

Michael Mann, Lihue

Boycott shows lack of understanding

Regarding Mike Spangler’s letter to the editor Sunday, March 19 about his boycott because of the ruling of the of the Hawaii judge. Do not fear because he speaks for himself only. Most American’s respect the courts and if they disagree with an opinion, would work to overturn the opinion by taking court action.

Threats to boycott a state for the reasons cited shows lack of understanding of the American court system and the role it plays in protecting all people. There are other judges from other states who arrived at the same findings as the Hawaiian judge.

Did Mr. Spangler also start a boycott of these states or is it different in Hawaii where a Hawaiian judge made the decision?

If just Hawaii, it is interesting that ancestry determines if the judge can make a “correct finding.”

Regardless, my wife will continue to visit Kauai, as we have for many years, enjoying the people of the island and the island itself.

Darryll Pederson, Lincoln, Neb.


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