What were voters for Trump expecting?

I still can’t figure out what everybody was expecting when they voted for Trump to be our leader.

He is a business owner, not a politician. He has no clue how détente works. He’s used to getting his way all the time and when he doesn’t, he pouts and has temper tantrums like an 8-year-old and then blames somebody else for his failures, mistakes, insults, shortcomings, etc.

And, when has any president ever allowed their daughter (or any family member besides himself) to have an office in the White House? I don’t know how legal that is to give so many of your family members jobs, but it is certainly unethical. It reeks of the kind of governance utilized by other countries with dictators in office.

In the USA, it’s called nepotism and is illegal, yet Trump goes about it with a casual air of “business as usual.” Now, to be fair, he is a business man and that is a great way to do business that will make you richer. But I’m struck with awe that nobody has stepped up and mentioned how it seems odd that he might do that so casually. What, because he is the president, that’s now OK? What got me the most was Melania launching a White House website to sell her jewelry the day of the inauguration. Apparently, everything is all about money with him.

I also thought it was interesting that before the health care reform bill was to come up for the “big vote” it was pulled, but not before Trump (through the White House) was already set to blame Speaker Ryan for it’s failure to pass. It’s amazing how Trump refuses to take responsibility for anything he does, refuses to admit he might actually be wrong about something, never considers an apology for his stupidity on soo many world issues and maintains this aura of superiority as things seem to be slowly crumbling around him.

It appears he is headed for implosion, but he seems hell bent on taking the USA and as much of the world with him. But, don’t forget, he will be protected from loss (it’s other people’s money after all) and especially if he can get his tax reform through legislation.

There are just so many things he does that rub me the wrong way. Actually, all I’ve mentioned so far is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what it is that makes him the wrong person for the job he has. It’s so easy to not appreciate all he does to make himself more rich and powerful.

But the largest part of my disdain for him is just, well, um, everything! His personality, his mockery of everybody, his mistreatment of all races, religions, genders, (what have I left out?). I just don’t like him and it wasn’t a gradual thing that happened as I watched the campaigning going on. I didn’t like his way of presenting himself from the very first time I saw him speak on the public stage. And, I seriously thought it was a big joke when he said he would run for president!

I just hope that our country can survive his presidency. Watch out America (and the rest of the world), I also hope that things don’t get much worse before they get better. I’m afraid he might step on toes of leaders around the world that can’t somehow be unstepped-on later. Handing Merkel an invoice for a $300 billion NATO bill is a great way to stay allies!


Jack Custer is a resident of Kalaheo.


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