Letters for Sunday, March 19, 2017

• Kauai bees not that healthy • Traffic solution needed • Get ready for boycott, Hawaii

Kauai bees not that healthy

Thanks to the County Council for funding a pesticide study of our bees and thanks to The Garden Island newspaper for reporting on the state Department of Agriculture’s spin on it.

“Kauai bees are healthy” is a nice sound bite because everywhere else in the U.S., bees seem to be in serious trouble. All things are relative. However, I see the results quite differently than did the Department of Agriculture chief.

Every single sample had poisons (pesticides). How is that healthy? One Westside sample had a serious poison: chlorpyrifos. They didn’t test for the most common cancer-causing chemical in Roundup. The hives in my ocean-friendly, organic yard in Kekaha had Roundup in the honey. There are psuedorca whales (false killer whales) that rarely come close to shore that have pesticide in their fat.

Jane Goodall had it right when she said, “Whoever thought it was a good idea to grow food with poison?”

Gordon LaBedz, Kekaha

Traffic solution needed

Just returned from Lihue at 4 p.m. and the traffic back-up extended for over a mile on the bypass. What a waste of time, money and the frustration for all those drivers returning home after a day’s work.

I congratulate Glenn Mickens for his article in the paper (TGI, March 16). We need a thousand or more such articles to be written daily and fully hope that the planners may one day read The Garden Island paper and wake up to reality and do something for the people of the island and tourists as well.

The only other solution would be to replace the old for new blood, and once again, it’s up to the people.

Thank you, The Garden Island, for printing our letters extending the courtesy to the people of Kauai..

Syd Jacobs, Kapaa

Get ready for boycott, Hawaii

Sorry to say, no more Hawaii for me. We have visited the islands every year for 30 years, but am now boycotting the islands because your Obama-appointed liberal judge decided to write his own chapter to the Constitution.

People of foreign countries do not have rights under our Constitution and your judge has no right endangering American citizens by ruling against the president’s order.

The people of Hawaii need to stand up and demand that this judge change his stance or be faced with massive boycotting of vacationing conservatives from the Mainland.

If you think the ban would have hurt your economy, “which it would have had no effect,” the boycott that will be taking place will be a major blow.

Mike Spangler, Lincoln, Nebraska


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