Letters for Saturday, March 4, 2017

• Trump haters are more than welcome to leave US • Trump doesn’t deserve respect

Trump haters are more than welcome to leave US

I am so tired of the anti-Trump rhetoric. If you don’t like him feel free to move, but every other first world country will throw you out when your visa expires, so pick a Third World nation you want to reside in.

“We The People” put him in office for a reason: we want things to be done right. If you don’t think we are headed in the right direction, then you failed to apply yourself in public school and short changed your education.

Every time I hear an anti-Trump person speak about their political views all that comes to mind is the old proverb, “It’s better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Joseph Lavery, Kapaa

Trump doesn’t deserve respect

I guess the thing that really upsets me about Trump being in office is that I just can’t feel any small iota of respect for him. The Obamas were respectable people. Trump and his small army are not. Trump reminds me of Bush II. Bush had that swagger in his walk that just made me cringe. It was kinda like he was saying “Well, I can do whatever I want and what can you do about it?”

Trump, (without the swagger, but plenty of attitude that still makes me cringe) exudes the same innate rise to power and vocally challenges anyone to defy him. How can anyone respect a man who shows so little respect for others?

There’s no compassion for those in need, no empathy for those in pain or danger. And, unfortunately, no regard for the results his actions have on others. He just doesn’t care. He finally is almost-all-powerful, can initiate anything he wants of his own personal agenda, without spending his own money. It’s our money instead. He doesn’t care.

Trump seems to think that since he was voted into office, he has been given the ultimate power. He still doesn’t seem to understand what the job of president of the United States really is.

I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse, much worse, before it can finally start to get better. The people of the world are still in for a very rocky ride. But can the world survive Trump?

Jack Custer, Kalaheo


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