Letters for Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017

• Money is being spent on all the wrong things • Dairy and seed companies may be a perfect marriage?

Money is being spent on all the wrong things

After reading the article about the ongoing fiasco for school ac units (TGI, Feb. 10), I felt I needed to respond.

Only in America can simple government projects take on a life of their own.

We have gone to the moon, won two world wars, crossed the oceans and climbed the highest peaks. But Kauai cannot air condition classrooms for lack of funding.

One has to wonder if the county did not waste large sums of cash on lawsuits, or feel-good laws that have been struck down, if children would be in climate-controlled classrooms.

Answer is probably not, because Hawaii and California have one thing in common.

Spend, spend, spend, just not what you really need but what feels good and garners votes.

Craig Waldvogel, Captain, U.S. Navy (retired)

Dairy and seed companies may be a perfect marriage?

This is not fake news, I fact checked and fact checked again on all major search engines.

The Garden Island published on February 21 an article titled, “Sanctuary holds 7 cows saved from slaughter to promote peace.” This got me thinking on how the controversial dairy could combine energies with our local seed companies and make a negative a great positive!

If you did not read the article, the article goes on to say that,”Cows eat grass and the cow dung is very good for the earth. It protects the top soil, and the manure can be used to feed the corn and other plants.

The manure has antibacterial properties. In India it’s mixed with water and used as a floor cleanser and the cow urine is a natural way to repel insects from plants.”

Well? Does anyone else see a perfect marriage? Seed companies and the dairy unite to a positive for the Garden Isle?

The cow dung can fertilize the corn and other plants and the urine could be collected and used to keep insects off the plants in lieu of the chemical fertilizers? Plus a new industry of a floor cleanser could be invented from collection of the cow dung thus creating a way to eliminate the smell that everyone is so worried about?

The dairy could then hire people to collect the dung and has another department that makes the dung into floor cleansers. It’s time to be creative and start thinking outside the box instead of saying no to every new idea and project that comes way to Kauai.

Mahalo Councilman Kawakami for standing for a sustainable and an independent Garden Island. How do the other council members stand on this issue? Inquiring minds would like to know?

Maybe just maybe this dairy project can work for the good of all.

James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapaa


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