Letters for Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017

• The math on manure • American press is continuing to stand up for the people

The math on manure

My source is epa.gov. According to their figures a cow produces 65 pounds of manure per day and 4 gallons of urine per day. My figures for just 700 cows per year:

Manure: 700 x 65 x 365= 16,607,500 pounds of manure per year.

Urine: 700 x 4 x 365= 1,022,000 gallons of urine per year.

For 2,000 cows:

Manure: 2000 x 65 x 365= 47,450,000 pounds of manure per year.

Urine: 2000 x4 x 365= 2,920,000 gallons of urine per year.

Get the math right for Pete’s sake.

Chester Mazurowski, Kapaa

American press is continuing to stand up for the people

I want to thank the American press for its courageous, gallant and honest response to the madness that besets us in Americatoday.

Those of us who lived through the second World War, and those who have at least read a sliver of this terrible time in history,recall Joseph Goebel’s — Hitler’s right hand man’s — statement, “You lie like a newspaper.” When all of us know that everyword Hitler and his crew of fascist thugs said was a lie.

Let’s see: the white race is the best race, Jews are the problem, intellectuals — people who think — people of color, decency,honor and honesty are bad guys.

Pathological liars always claim their detractors are lying. One of the first things a fascist government does is set their sights toslandering a free press.

(It’s also true: whatever a name caller calls you is what he is.)

Also remember, psychopaths love nothing more than to get you to play their games and these tricks of the trade are nothingbut an evil distraction. Don’t fall for them. Once you’re on to them, they can fool you no more.

In America, we have the best free press of any nation in the world.

Power to the press.

Power to the people.

Bettejo Dux, Kalaheo


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