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Making Kauai great again

TGI, Feb. 13 headline, “Make Hawaii great again” — I ask, why stop there?

All revolutions are by definition “illegal” so if the 1893 overthrow of Liliuokalani was illegal wasn’t the 1821 kidnapping of Kauai’s King Kaumuali‘i also illegal? How about the subsequent disinheritance and slaughter of the Kauai alii leading to the Kamehameha’s takeover of the land? Wouldn’t that also be considered illegal?

So I say, let’s take this to its logical conclusion and Make Kauai Great Again as a rightful and just separate and sovereign kingdom. The cutoff date for citizenship could be 1821 (Kaumuali‘i’s kidnapping). This would eliminate a problem for some sovereignty advocates as the descendants of all those haoles, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese that were subjects of the kingdom and could qualify as rightful citizens of the reinstated kingdom — (Sorry manong, you too late …) may not qualify for the kingdom of Kauai.

Oops! My descendants are from this immigrant group and may not qualify for Kauai citizenship. Guess the family will have to move to Honolulu. Oh well, the schools there are better and will probably stay that way if we can reinstate the Kingdom before Trump can do too much damage.

We’ll be lucky on either island — any of the islands for that matter — surrounded by ocean. Think of all the money we’ll save not having to build a Konala pa pohaku, aka, Murus Hadrianus Trumpus to keep those illegal immigrants out.

John Wehrheim, Lihue


At the recent GOP Lincoln Dinner, as reported by The Garden Island, the feature speaker Keli‘i Akina, said: “In politics, thetruth is not the winning factor.”

Keli‘i went on to say, “Usually it’s those who don’t have the truth (who) win. They hold on to power, and they keep power.” Hethen goes on to say: “Donald Trump is president of the United States today not because of his values or his philosophies … Heis president of the United States today because he knows how to win.”

Remember, this GOP dinner was to honor Abraham Lincoln. In fact Lincoln’s nickname was “Honest Abe.” Lincoln would turnover in his grave if he heard those words. According to the records, Lincoln never told a lie, even when telling the truth wouldhave hurt him politically. There is also the story of Lincoln arriving home after making a purchase at a store and discoveringthat he had received one penny more in change and he immediately walked back two miles to the store to return the penny.Lincoln valued integrity and truth.

With people there are three types in terms of morals. There are moral people who know what should be right and try to do it.There are immoral people who know what is right but may choose not to do it. And, there are amoral people who do notrecognize morality but believe whatever they do and say is right.

Two examples of those amoral people are Bernie Madoff — the financial fraudster who thought nothing was wrong in cheatingeven his closest friends out of millions of dollars and is now in prison for life — and President Trump, who will say blatantlies, such as when he said that the crowd at his swearing-in event was “the largest in history” despite the clear fact that therewere an estimated 500,000 at his and there were an estimated 1,000,000 at Obama’s following his 2008 election. Theseproven lies continue almost at a daily rate from Trump and, when disproven, they are considered “alternative facts” by hisstaff and by some of his supporters.

I am optimistic enough to believe that the truth will win out.

Joe Frisinger, Princeville


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