Letter for Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017

• There is no drought on Kauai

The perfidy of the corrupt malignant conspiracy between The Garden Island and the bloated plutocratic bureaucrats of the Department of Water was laid bare by the recent article (front page, Jan. 12) purporting to report a drought on Kauai.

A dry-sand box color and cracked dirt background were used in an attempt to sell the fabricated content to an unsuspecting populace, without critical analysis. The article is a prototype of establishment non-news reporting.

Subtly unmentioned was that the report will be used as justification for further socialist boondoggles, like additional useless hydroinfrastructure to store water which, were the concocted facts accepted, would be declared necessary to counter the exaggerated threat. Broader hegemony for the graft-ridden civil servants and more money lining the pockets of the water profiteers!

The so-called connection between lack of rainfall and drought has been debunked many times, although, due to the liberal ownership of media, it is virtually impossible to find the reputable reports of the conservative objective hydrologists who studiously and in detail show the fallacy.

These studies start with the undeniable fact that in a modern technological age, it is foolhardy to base theories on 8,000-year-old devices like a rain gauge. The readings of a rain gauge can be manipulated easily, by enlarging the opening. In truth, the tenuous and counterintuitive rain/drought connection has always been but a theory, surviving only by the violent suppression of those who remind that a scientific “fact” exists only until a better scientist devises a new theory.

The recent unprecedented landslide popular and electoral vote victory showed that Americans will no longer accept the effete elitist scientific approach, proven wrong by decades of failed social experiments. Scientific theories will be judged by their efficacy in promoting political agendas, not by how well they predict events: The future is ours to define.

Rainfall, of course, is basically water fall, yet there is no mention whatsoever of the Wailua, Opeakaa, Kipu, Hoopi, Waipoo, Secret, or the several Na Pali waterfalls. No real attempt to present the full story.

The drought problem, if one existed, which it cannot because that would stymie efforts to contain the county budget, can be easily solved without dams or waterways. Syngenta and Monsanto are working on GMO (genetically modified oxygen), which will need only a third of the current water molecules in a gallon. This would triple the use of existing capacity.

Obviously, but again suspiciously unmentioned in the article, any drought issue could be readily and inexpensively solved simply by moving the Lihue rain gauge to Wailua Homesteads.

Jed Somit, Kapaa


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