Letter for Sunday, Dec. 18, 2016

• Cell towers present problems

According to Blake Levitt, author of “Cell Towers Wireless Convenience? or Environmental Hazard?” cell towers seem to be popping up everywhere, like intergalactic mushrooms. We see them inappropriately placed in residential neighborhoods, on school grounds, on pristine ridgelines, along beautiful country roads and scenic highways — usually over the vehement objections of neighbors, parents and environmentalists.

Towers are often reluctantly sited in these hallowed places by the very people we have elected to protect our communities.

For all who are opposed to the construction of a 150-foot cell tower on Sealodge II property, I urge you to contact the Design Committee in Princeville, the Princeville Association and the County Council. Make sure you show up at any hearings regarding this matter to voice your opinion. According to the contract between Verizon and Sealodge II this tower is to be on line April 1, less than four months away.

As a 40-year owner at Sealodge II, I have been opposed to this idea for over two years. I think our board is misguided and ill-informed. Let me present the facts: 1) a 150-ft tower will negatively affect many peoples’ view plan; 2) devaluation of property up to 40 percent is a given; 3) “attractive nuisance” is created; 4) bird life will be negatively affected; 5) the health of humans is negatively affected depending on how close you live to a cell tower; within 1,200 feet, cancer rates are three times the national average. Lastly, I do not believe another tower is necessary as there are four providers on the tower by the fire station having a radius from 7 to 10 miles.

In my canvasing of Princeville for my petition, few people complained of their coverage. So, to all involved in the decision concerning the tower, I urge you to vote a resounding “No!” It is a moral imperative. Like Howard Beal in the movie “Network” implored his audience to go to their windows and yell out, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more,” I implore you to do the same and call Verizon at (866) 862-4404 and give them a piece of your mind.

Gary Benoit, Princeville


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