Here’s a look at how Hillary was not elected

A great number of Americans were sick and tired of hearing about Hillary and the Clinton charades. They were sick and tired of her corruption, destroying and withholding evidence, lying to Congress, lying to the FBI, the corruption in the Clinton Foundation, accepting millions from foreign governments, cheating in the debates, double standards, two sets of rules, being above the law, corrupting our Department of Justice, our FBI, and using the IRS to intimidate anyone that accused the Clintons’ of wrongdoing. The list goes on and on and on.

Hillary lost the election because a large percentage of well-informed Americans were sick and tired of the Clintons’ corruption. They are not buying the “dog and pony show,” the “smoke and mirror” tricks anymore.

My original letter to the newspaper was too long and they asked me to cut it down. So how does one sum it up as far as the Clintons’ corruption and how it cost Hillary the presidency. Where does one begin?

Let’s start with lying to the FBI and Congress. I have heard some criticize Congress for wasting so much of the taxpayers’ money investigating Hillary’s emails. Did Congress waste the taxpayers’ money or did Hillary? It would have cost a lot less if Hillary would have simply handed over the 30,000 emails that she said didn’t exist, instead of destroying the evidence or wiping them clean “like with a cloth or something?”

I don’t think the American people found the humor in that comment. It went over about as well as her infamous statement about Bengazi where she tells Congress, “What difference does it make?”) What does Hillary have to hide?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there must of been some incriminating information in those emails to spend so much time, money, and resources scrubbing them, not with a cloth, but a very expensive and sophisticated software that even God couldn’t recover them. She broke the law and destroyed evidence in a federal investigation. So, who is responsible for wasting the American taxpayers’ money? Congress or the person withholding and destroying the evidence?

The American people are not stupid … Hillary’s staffers took the Fifth Amendment because they are guilty and they have knowledge that could incriminate themselves as well as Hillary Clinton. So, if Hillary had nothing to hide, and did nothing wrong why would her staff members have to hide behind the Fifth Amendment? Why would they feel that Hillary did something that might incriminate them? Why were Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and other Hillary staffers granted immunity? And why in the world would James Comey, director of the FBI, grant them immunity in the first place?

Ask yourself this question: Does James Comey have a conflict of interest? I checked and verified that James Comey worked for Lockhead Martin making $6 million a year the same time the state department under Secretary of State Clinton awarded Lockhead Martin hundreds of millions of dollars worth of government contracts (17 different contracts to be exact) during her reign as Secretary of State, and (fact check) dismisses it because they could not prove Comey personally benefitted?

Is Snopes just another biased liberal media entity? He was making $6 million a year working for a company that was awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in government contracts … and they don’t see that as a conflict of interest or think he did not personally benefit … seriously?

And why was Bill Clinton allowed to board the Attorney General of the United States’ plane? And no one was held accountable? He boarded Loretta Lynch’s plane while his wife was being investigated by the FBI. And no one was held accountable. Do you think that may have been a conflict of interest? Do you really think Bill Clinton just wanted to talk story about his grandkids and his golf game?

Talk to any attorney and they will tell you that is a no brainer, totally illegal and totally unethical. Most attorneys would be disbarred for such practices and Loretta Lynch is at the top of the food chain, the attorney general of the United States of America!

That alone should convince anyone that the Clintons can do anything they want and not be held accountable. It was so shocking that even the liberal news covered the story. That act alone is a blatant miscarriage of justice. And anyone that turns a blind eye to it doesn’t respect or believe in our judicial system.

How can the director of the FBI and the U.S. attorney general look the American people in the eye and expect us to have faith in our judicial system after what transpired?

Everyone watched as Comey named one flagrant act after another and one lie after another, and yet, he claimed there was not sufficient evidence to indict Hillary. That is bogus and anyone with half a brain knows it’s bogus. Everyone knows that decision was biased and Comey’s reputation is forever marred.

Debbie Wasserman, the chairman of the DNC, stepped down because Wikileaks exposed her emails showing bias and cheating schemes against Bernie Sanders. And then her successor, Donna Brazile, was caught red-handed emailing Hillary’s staffers the questions to the debate before the debate.

Brazile stuttered and stammered as Megan Kelly repeatedly asked her about her cheating and giving Hillary staffers the questions prior to the debate. The liberal news barely covered the story.

Brazile spun the question around and used the race card, telling Kelly she knows what persecution is and accused Kelly of persecuting her. Then she played the Russian card. You guessed it, those dirty Russians hacked her email. How dare them, hacking into her email. Whether it was the Russians or the Martians who hacked her email, the point is she was caught red handed cheating to benefit Hillary. Brazile was a political consultant for CNN. CNN expressed great concern and disassociated themselves from Brazile.

Cheating, lying, crooked politics and years of corruption is how Hillary lost the election. She was so convinced she was going to win she rented a glass building with a glass ceiling to symbolically represent the women’s movement and the first woman to be elected commander and chief of the most powerful country in the free world.

Everyone was expecting Hillary would win, she spent a lot more money on the election than her opponents, she had the incumbent president of the United States and the first lady playing the race card, accusing her opponent of being a racist, a member of the KKK, while she played the gender card, accusing her opponent of being a sleeze bag male who dishonored all women, a serial groper, that no child in America could possibly look up to as their president.

The liberal media was on her side, the debates were rigged in her favor, everything was stacked in her favor and everyone expected she would win and everyone expected a major victory celebration with an unbelievable fireworks show displayed over the glass ceiling.

It would go down as the celebration of all ages. Well, obviously not all American women wanted Hillary to represent them or their daughters. It’s too bad because I think America is ready to elect the first woman president of the United States of America.

Unfortunately, too many people, both male and female, both rich and poor, of all races, creeds and color, didn’t trust Hillary Clinton and her lack of honesty, trust, and integrity. And the saddest story is the majority of Americans were so sick and tired of hearing the same old rhetoric, the same old empty promises, that they didn’t even show up to vote. That is how Hillary was not elected.

Going forward, we need to come together as a nation, to be healed, we need to be thankful for our many blessings. We need God to bless America and the American people and to bless our new president, that he might make righteous decisions, that he might be blessed for the righteous endeavors, to be a president for all Americans, both rich and poor, and for every man, woman, and child.


Bruce Raymond is a resident of Lihue


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