Letters for Dec. 5, 2016

• Questions for the Planning Commission • The planet is changing, let’s work together

Questions for the Planning Commission

To Kauai’s Planning Commission:

I appreciate the work and dedication you put forth. As you have observed, our infrastructure is challenged daily around the island.

In 1970, we had a little over 25,000 residents and 6,000 visitors daily. Since then we have grown to closer to 90,000 combined residents and visitors, with a good portion of them on the roads daily. Our planning in the past failed to address such growth with regards to transportation.

You as planners for our island have much to consider. I feel you need to consider transportation and roads that can accommodate needs before any further construction of new developments take place.

Having 800 additional homes on the Eastside at Hokua Place is in direct contradiction to what is needed at this time. It will only clutter further the Eastside corridor creating more congestion and gridlock.

Having an area just 45 seconds away from major gridlock, while adding a minimum of 1,200 cars to this mix, is not what is needed when considering Hokua Place. That is not without proper planning.

Is there a compromise?

Why not make the bypass road one way heading north and Kuhio Highway one way going south? With feeder roads connecting on each side of the roundabout where deemed necessary to serve drivers who must get into or out of Kapaa. This is probably the most cost efficient and logical way to handle our traffic problems in that area. I know it needs input, creativity and desire, as well as cooperation and leadership. Because there will be challenges. However, it is a logical solution to a growing problem. A problem that needs to be addressed before further construction adds to the dilemma.

We need leadership that we look to from our planning commission, our governing bodies locally, statewide and even federally to help make it happen. It needs to start somewhere, so why not with your commission? You, being the first in a line of heroes, that can save Kauai and not bury us in a sea of gridlock.

Mahalo for your time and consideration.

Andy Melamed, Kapaa

The planet is changing, let’s work together

Yes, we are in a Holy Shift. Mother Earth is saying, “Enough already!”

It is time for the blindfolds to come off. The patriarchy experiment has failed the planet. The consciousness of power/control and greed has become very transparent in this election. Hatred cannot banish hatred. Only love can.

Focus on the light that comes with thinking from the heart … the I AM that, I am, your true self. Only light can dispel the darkness. The desperation of controllers is becoming very visible. We have been asleep, trusting our leaders. We are lied to about our food, about war bringing peace, about patriotism, about our health care, education, etc. Trump is demonstrating the corruption, thus bringing it into the light for all to see. Here it can be healed.

The egotistic voice of fear cannot help us now. It can alert us, but only a higher state of consciousness can correct it. When you know the problem, focus on being the solution. What we resist persists. Forgive your neighbor, relative or other who voted differently. Trust that a higher purpose is at work.

Pray without ceasing. Breathe in I and out AM. I AM breathing is prayer.

Connecting from the heart; see the other in their original innocence.

Focus on raising your consciousness to the higher vibrations of love, joy, peace and gratitude. We are all in this illusion together. As the hugging Saint Amma said, “Attachment to this world makes it seem real, while detachment makes it a wonderful play.”

Courage is a higher vibration which we can call upon to take a stand, when prompted. When heart wisdom prompts us, action is appropriate. Know that darkness cannot exist in light. Be the light.

Love yourself. Soul courage brought us here at this time. Be one with all life. Together with Source we can bring Heaven to earth. Heaven is a state of mind. May we survive the purification and birthing process of the Holy Shift to enjoy Heaven on Earth.

Rev. Petra Sundheim, Lihue


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