Letters for Nov. 25, 2016

• Trump is our captain, and is on our side! • Concerns about Trump are justified

Trump is our captain, and is on our side!

Donald Trump single-handedly took on the failing Republic party. He won the Republican primary being the last man standing out of 17 candidates. While key Republicans and ex-presidents told him he was nuts and could not succeed and pledged not to vote for him. The mainstream media made him to look like a non-candidate. Donald Trump has reinvented the Republican party and finally the Republicans realize his genius and now has the speaker of the house Paul Ryan acting as his lap dog after being an enemy for so many months.

Trump owns over 500 businesses from real estate in numerous countries and is a reality TV star. You cannot discount this man’s genius of employing tens of thousands of people and supplying livelihoods for them and their families.

America needs to give President-elect Trump a chance. Why all the protesting before he even steps foot in office? The Democrats need to get a grip and accept the loss. Remember, there were many people who voted Obama in 2008 and 2012, whom also voted for Trump. Many forget this statistic.

Many of the liberals seem to be the most intolerant (alleged tolerant) people I have ever seen.

Remember John Lennon’s song, “Give peace a chance?”

I say to all the protesters who are protesting nothing thus far:

Just give Trump (Peace) a chance!

I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Mr.Trump’s ego is too big to do anything besides be successful!

President-elect Trump is our captain, our leader and is on our side! He is the guy you wanted as the leader of your little league team. He’s not the guy you wanted to play against. Folks, we’ve got him on our team!

James “Kimo” Rosen, Kapaa

Concerns about Trump are justified

I was surprised to hear from Gregg Townsley in his letter (TGI, Monday, Nov. 21) that my recent opinion piece with respect to Donald Trump’s election in the Garden Island was a “spoiled, entitled, sour sport/sour grapes” response. Townsley was also concerned that I might think that “my vote counts more than others.”

To make it clear, I am neither spoiled nor entitled nor do I believe that my vote counts more than anyone else’s as he maintains in his letter.

However, I am a Marine Corp veteran, as was most my family, who for four generations has served our country faithfully.

So I think that allows some leeway for me to express an opinion about an individual who is clearly unqualified to be president, as well as my deep and heartfelt concern of what this might mean to our country and future generations. Especially when that newly-elected president did not bother to serve his country because he claimed he had a raging case of the bone spurs. Really?

As far as Townsley’s opinion that we should “give Trump a chance”; well, this thought is the equivalent of giving a book of matches to a three-year-old and saying, “Why don’t you have at it and we’ll see how that works out for us.”

Last, if you feel the need to criticize me at least have the courtesy to spell my name correctly.

William T. Ivison, Princeville


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